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  1. 15 hours ago, Jederick said:


    I beg your pardon, but last time I checked, Changelings were a completely different race.




    But now seriously, I left other races out because I mainly wanted to see the competition between the three pony tribes. We could make a new topic with other races like changelings or bat ponies included, I guess.

    It was mostly a joke, cause of obvious reasons.

    But I know, the whole, 3 pones thing... whatever. *returns to dungeon*

  2. "Hold up I got this. Yo hub! we mess on aisle everywhere!"

    Hub AI: "Removing obstructions."


    *The temperature quickly rose as the snow began to melt away. Drains taking away the water that pooled until the Hub was free of snow, before returning the temperature to normal levels, but not without the various characters in the area nearly having hypo and hyperthermia at the same time*


    Methan Allen: *in a sarcastic tone* "This dragon sure is going to be fun..."

  3. Oh this'll be interesting for sure, but I have other things to do. Allen, you where my newest OC went? I wanna see how she's settling.


    Methan Allen: "She's over with your Wakfu people."


    Ah, thank you.


    *Badshot proceeded to walk over to a group of humanoid OCs and conversed with them, 3 of them appeared human, one looked like an overgrown fairy but was the smallest of the bunch, one was a cat person (not a Khajiit) one was blue, and one had a silver tail and ears*


    (A cookie for anyone who guesses what particular series they are from, the one with the silver tail is from a game, the rest are from something else)

  4. Make of what?

    *toilet spew thing*

    Gross is what I make of it... showers are that way.

    Methan Allen: "Hope you got janitors."

    I do, they'll get it later. Regardless, what exactly is that?

    Fern returns her attention to Nova, watching her get sprayed by 'toilet stuff' and giving off a raspy chuckling


    The other characters of mine are spread out among the Hub, intermingling with one another.

    The other BadShot, the small reddish spiral knight wearing a wolver coat minus the helm, approached the ones at the tree, who will be referred to by his actual name of Joseph.

    Joseph: "Yo boss, everything good? Need like a paramedic or something?"

    Nah, Nova just got spooked is all, though she could use a shower now.

  5. Soon a strange light blue portal with rune circles on it opened up, and out emerged various characters of different types, a few ponies, aliens looking things and some that actually appeared human.


    BadShot himself then randomly appeared from a doorway, short dark humanoids following him.

    Ah good the rest of you are here! Welcome, welcome, I'm sure you all are curious as to what this place is and all, I got an intro thing over there, Wrench here can explain the rest, he's the blue one with the miners hel-... if he was wearing it... whatever he's the blue one.


    This one is Fire-Storm... Rookie, and the other Badshot

    Simultaneous, "Hello."

    Now then, is this all of you? I can't get a headcount...

    "Is that intro in braille?"

    No Star Charmer it's a video, you can just listen.


    Are the new OCs here? Where are they?

    "They're over here."

    Oh thank you Methan, or Allen... whatever you liked to be called... where's Fern?

    "She ran off to the park thing in the center."

    Oh boy she's gonna scare the shit out of people I bet. Regardless, they all there?

    "We're here, calm down..."

    Which one was that, Trethan or Kuchet?


    Ah, figured, it's gonna get hard to remember all you're text colors...

    "Just use a name format, you have over 20 of them... it'd be hard for everyone else to distinguish eventually."

    Hey that's a good idea...

    Shadow: "At least I won't be the bold text anymore..."

    Oh you know you liked it, yours was bigger than everyone elses.

    "Hey can I join in on this?"

    Yes imagination you can... you had a part in their creation, and the thread as well, only seems fair.


    Ok, I'll leave you all to get acquainted. Tell Yugo I said thank you for the portal to get you all here. I'm gonna go make sure Fern doesn't give someone a heart attack.

    Methan Allen: "I'll come with, I know her better."

    I made her...

    Methan Allen: "Yes and you made her naive an' curious, an' spastic as hell when angry, I don't know 'bout you but she don't exactly hurt me any."

    Fair enough...


    Meanwhile the various characters explore the Hub, staying in groups respective to their particular 'universe'. Conversing with one another and asking the small Knight Wrench various questions.


    Fern, a green floran with flowers in her 'hair' (which was pretty much just leaves), found Nova under the tree, and slowly and cautiously 'stalked' towards her, hiding in bushes and the like with almost deaf movements until she was in the tree above her, hanging off a branch and looking at her book in curiosity.


    As a way to keep this place semi alive while I work on new RPs, and also for shits and giggles among you people, I have decided to create a hub for your characters to explore, talk with others, and do generally whatever you want. 4th wall does not exist here, and dimensions collide or whatever… it’s sort of like the Nexus from Heroes of the Storm. Any character you have made is allowed in the hub, from ponies, humans, aliens, demons, or weird blobs of… something sentient (like the Smooze). You can also talk with your character yourself if you’re lonely.


    As for the hub itself, it is an expansive futuristic looking place with various amenities (feel free to be creative, the hub is there for you and do anything you wish). Various doors are on one end with nameplates above them with the names of active and new RPs, you can roleplay your character going in to “spectate” or even join the roleplay if you wish. Everything else you can do is limited to your imagination, so go wild.


    However, no place is without rules of course, please abide to the General Forums Rules, as well do not attempt to destroy the hub, I mean you can try… but it won’t work, it self repairs at an alarming rate and weapons can not be drawn inside due to a pacification aura.

    Any violation of rules will result in that OC being ejected into a black hole.



    Now then, have fun! Go wild! Kill eachother for fun and prof-

    “No… no killing… pacify remember?”
    Oh right… thank you Shadow… got a little carried away.

    “Everything ready yet?”

    “Yeah I want to do science.”

    One moment let me finish…

    “Hey Badshot-”


    Not you dummy she meant me…

    “Oh right…”

    “Why do you two share the same name again?”

    “It’s just my codename, also it was his idea ask him.”

    Because my original intention when making you in that game was not to make you an OC.

    Now then what did you need Crystal?

    “Is there a place me and Shadow can put our cocoon?”

    Uh yeah, it’s over there… should be an empty room.

    “It’ll do.”

    Ok now where was I?

    “You have food here?”

    Are you blind?

    “Not particularly.”

    Then you’d see them…

    “I still don’t know where it is.”

    How are you a recon when you can’t find food… whatever I don’t have time for this…

    Uhh… crap I forgot what I was doing… ah screw it everyone go nuts…

    *Badshot returns to his dungeon*



    “Hey where are his new OCs at?”

    “I think they’re stuck in transit.”


    (post entrances or what have ye, I don't care how or when or why, you don't even need an entrance if you don't want to do one just have your person pop up or something)

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  7. 2 hours ago, RogueCookie said:

    As a someones I don't know says, "Kings never die". Does the club have bobby pins? Thanks for the message.

    Aww. Thanks a lot, you have been keeping an eye on me here from the first day. 

    Haven't seen you in a while. What do you have behind your back?

    *Sees the potion*

    Cool! You're a Alchemist now. Can I have a sip?

    No, it'll uhh... melt your skin off...

    Also I've made stuff like this before, what do you think I do in my dungeon?