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  1. Kinda like a ponysona? I never made one like that.


    All mine have distinct personalities... sorta... and I made them in various ways, some just sorta popped into my head, others I adapted to OCs from other sources.



    These two are two of my favorites (spoilered due to size)




    and Crystal



    (dont mind the watermark, artist didn't want to get his art stolen so he didn't give me an unwatermarked version)

    I have a lot of others, but I don't want to flood.

    But these two spawned with my love for changelings, Shadow came first, Crystal came a while after when I felt he needed a companion cause he was such a loner, she has since became her own OC.


    They're some of my more developed OCs too.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Galacter said:

    Humanoid would be the correct term.

    Not everything is humanoid.


    Humanoid refers to anything that has a human-like body structure.

    Two legs, two arms, a distinct head, upright body, etc.

    Like in starwars, many of the races are humanoid, but the geonosians are not humanoid, they are bugs.

  3. 20 hours ago, Lunar Holiday said:

    Darn! This forum seems so dead D:

    Interesting premise, though! I got super hyped until I took a second look and saw it was posted in April.


    No worries, I'll hopefully be opening a new rp soon, I may try to run a few but I don't want to overwork myself.


    If you want you can start up your own.