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  1. Mystic Dreamer

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forums T! I'm Mystic Dreamer,call me Misty!
  2. Mystic Dreamer

    Heya everypony

    Anything along those lines is fine really and hello
  3. Mystic Dreamer

    Greetings! :D

    I'm pretty good,I was over on the hypnoponies forum earlier trying something out and it sorta worked,also ask Azalea anything you need to know,she already gave me my answers.
  4. Mystic Dreamer

    Greetings! :D

    Sweet,new member! Heya Spectral,I'm Mystic Dreamer,just joined yesterday,how ya doin'?
  5. Mystic Dreamer

    Heya everypony

    Oh,thanks for the help Azalea and I'm glad to be here,feels a little odd though tbh,I'm more of a Closet Pegasister IRL
  6. Mystic Dreamer

    Heya everypony

    Well thank you Skyrazer,I'll be sure to if I have any,actually I have one right now. Is there a certain topic for asking questions?
  7. Mystic Dreamer

    Heya everypony

    Hey,my name's Mystic,I just joined Equestria Daily after exploring the site and just thought I'd say hello,feel free to call me Misty!