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  1. StormyVortex

    Roleplay suggestions

    A cool role-play idea I had in mind would be an adventure of 7 ponies who go into a new dimension where they have to fight their evil counterparts and try to find a missing pony who came to the dimension to study the dimensions history. this pony they are sent to find is a Earth Pony who go's by the name Apple Trot (My Newer OC).
  2. StormyVortex

    Traditional Role-Play (Interest/recruitment)

    Name: Stormy Vortex Race: pegasus Gender: male Age: 17 Personality: Fast flyer kind pony and a real book nerd Description (can be picture): Backstory: He is a fast flyer but a real book nerd he has always tried to help out in someway in Equestria
  3. StormyVortex

    Fun Roleplay, OCs ONLY!!!!

    ill join my OC is Stormy vortex
  4. StormyVortex

    OC Master List

    Name:Stormy vortex Race: pegasus Gender: male Age: 17 Personality: rather be a BookNerd than a Fast Flyer but becomes a fast racer to please his friends Description : Backstory: He is a young pegasus who Just wants to be a Booknerd but he wants to please his friends so he becomes a Fast Racer