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  1. T-sparks

    Hi i'm new here

    Welcome to Twilight's kingdom all hail Twilight the new face of the future
  2. I was inspired to ask what episode do you love that most people hate there has be many over the years . Mine is Magical Mystery Cure so many people lost the minds over this one an cried it was to short or there were to many songs. I love this one it was great and Twilight got her wings I was so proud of her I don't think it needed to be a 2 part .
  3. T-sparks

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    I can see that For me It reckoned Big Mac so bad that it destroyed everything we knew about him. It just seemed so bad all she had to do is tell Rich Granny just needs rest come back tomorrow. I know that was the point but it didn't work for me. And where was Apple bloom?
  4. T-sparks

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    For me it's Where the apple lies season 6 episode 23. It was the story from every sitcom ever someone lies lies to cover lies all goes wrong and they tell the truth and everything is great . I found it so cliche I couldn't even enjoy seeing teen Apple Jack.
  5. T-sparks

    3 Questions For All Bronies Or Pegasisters

    Best episode Magical mystery cure I was so proud of Twilight . Worst I would have to say where the Apple lies It was so formulaic I have seen that story hundreds of time in every sitcom ever. Favorite princess Twilight Sparkle of course and Starlight glimmer.
  6. T-sparks

    Post Your Pony Collection

    I have Three Plushies Derpy Twilight and Rainbow Dash There just Walmart ones so the mains suck but their still cool.
  7. T-sparks

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Fan Club

    Sweetie Bell in my favorite Cmc Because she's so Evil like Silver Quill said possible super villain.
  8. T-sparks

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    I have Loved Twi from the beginning She's just so adorkable I love it best when she gets her nerd on. I hope season seven is more Twilight centered the only thing I didn't like about season 6 was the lack of Twilight. I think Starlite is the best student for Twi she has helped to bring the best from Twilight as a teacher.
  9. T-sparks

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    One where PInky Pie knows: baby explode comic book secret cakes ants crib.
  10. T-sparks

    Hello all

    Hi guys I just joined but have been into Mlp since 2015 I love the show and the movies. My favorite Is Twilight Sparkle and Starlite Glimmer. I hope to be able to contribute to this site thanks all.