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  1. Hello

    Ayyy, Spike is cool! Nice to have you here! Though, it is still kind of ironic you'd have Spike as a dog as your avatar, when you're saying you like dragons
  2. Is this the first sign?

    Seems like an alternative to the Pyro update OR like a filler, because the Pyro update takes too long.
  3. I mean... you try to raise them right and then they run off with your mortal enemy. What's a dad to do?

    1. Infinite


      hey guy whats up

    2. Anti-Villain



    3. Infinite


      *fires rocket launcher at spitfire* sorry I thought he was a flying powerranger

  4. hey fizzy how are you?

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Infinite


      would you mind?

    3. FizzyGreen


      Actually, i wouldn't like to talk right now since i already speak with someone.

    4. Infinite


      ahh I meant later

  5. Where did the ponies even come from?

    Oh ho ho hooo! Long story! I would say natural selection, creation of the world and further factors and occurances that made the mlp world take the shape it has today. They pretty much existed just like every other animal started existing in our world. Long story in my head. Too lazy to tell.
  6. Drugs and Alcohol/Peer Pressure episode.

    No, i see this as highly unlikely.
  7. Same, although i never would. If i would it would be a brony-and-everything burnout. I don't think the episodes are #fenomenal y #estupendo (super), but i think they're actually pretty good. I enjoy them and like them. Unlike a few other boring episodes in earlier seasons.
  8. What's your poison?

    Kinky alone time things that sometimes involve derpibooru and e621 on full NSFW... Hang out with my friends EVERY weak at least once and buy food that costs 5+ € Don't work out Tell people their mistakes when they deny them
  9. Huh... so now you got a gif avatar and no longer that adorable gif header. My observations grow...

    1. Umbreon


      I wanted a gif avatar, and if I went overboard with the gifs, and the overboard of gifs would've made my tablet cry

  10. Thanks for the follow!



  11. Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "Yes! I would love some ice cream!"
  12. This Treehouse thing.

    I actually, too, think it sucks. I really like my proper horse schedule, with 1 episode per week. That way the season seems longer and i like that :3 And yes, you'd need one for CAN and one for US for every episode or just make a "Season 7 Canada Spoilers" sub forum where all the threads for the episodes not yet released in the US go. (actually, the channel is doing it because else it would die)
  13. Potential Pony Meme: Crying Rarity

    omg this could be good
  14. what.PNG?download&psid=1

    someone's got their hands full :ajlol: