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  1. Justin's Arts

    and some Applejack! best pony/human, though messed up the neck, but for only 30 mins not too horrible?
  2. Justin's Arts

    more practice!
  3. Justin's Arts

    was trying to do a warm-up and ended up making a character instead oops xD
  4. Justin's Arts

    more practices!
  5. Justin's Arts

    more practice!
  6. Justin's Arts

    more practice for today!
  7. Justin's Arts

    some more practice/warm-up
  8. Justin's Arts

    got a sketch of my oc Crystal Aurora in semi-eqg style still experimenting, but hopefully getting better.
  9. Justin's Arts

    Some EQG style practice stuff -
  10. Justin's Arts

    been a while, but back drawing some digital stuff, right now working on getting the EQG style down so I can do some fan comics, starting off with the talking head style then move onto a full fledged comic with the character below. ^_^ so excited, really enjoying drawing in this style so far, still got a whole lot of practice before ready to make comics but getting there.
  11. Justin's Arts

    gonna be taking a break from drawing ponies, not mlp though, so expect to see some human versions of the cast, and other odds and ends. starting with this wip.
  12. Justin's Arts

  13. Justin's Arts

    some wips and some brush tests on mixing applejack and twilight.
  14. Justin's Arts

    thanks ^_^ ya, I'm still not very good with the anatomy though, but getting better.
  15. Justin's Arts