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  1. WildRose Arts

    warm ups today
  2. WildRose Arts

    pony practice with lovebug
  3. WildRose Arts

    some human practice for warm ups
  4. WildRose Arts

    today's work
  5. WildRose Arts

    some sketch brush testing
  6. WildRose Arts

    some lovebug sketches for warm ups
  7. WildRose Arts

    I shouldn't try doing warm ups anymore, I end up making more and more cute ponies, this time guess the coming up valentine day got into my head and I ended up with a cute Lovebug pony xD
  8. WildRose Arts

    new tablet not working, surprise! -_- so reinstalled my old one and looked for ink brush, think I found one that works well for me.
  9. WildRose Arts

    got a new tablet, so testing it out, was going to do my usual warm up sketches, but ended up making a new oc (second picture) kind of a older stallion, likely a retired guard, now wonders equestria giving advice and training the next generation of knights and heroes. kind of like that one guy from Hercules who I can't remember the name of lol
  10. WildRose Arts

    thanks ^_^
  11. WildRose Arts

    a bad sunset drawing, but not too horrid considering I haven't drawn humans in forever
  12. WildRose Arts

    testing out brushes and ended up with a bat, might expand her a bit later on.
  13. WildRose Arts

    new oc? xD
  14. WildRose Arts

    warm ups for today
  15. WildRose Arts

    some show style practice, liking how my muzzles are starting to look.