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  1. WildRose Arts

    Twilight, but with longer hair xD
  2. WildRose Arts

    forgot to post this last night xD
  3. WildRose Arts

    warm up for today, a Starlight ^_^ tomorrow is Twilight.
  4. WildRose Arts

    some very tired anatomy practice, but got it done, so haven't broken my routine yet lol
  5. WildRose Arts

    starting soo late today, had to go to town xD, plus is I got a art 101 kit, and tried colored pencils for the first time since I was a little kid. Need to upload it later. ANYWAYS, here is Pinkie, just two more of the mane seven ^_^
  6. WildRose Arts

    a ko-fi request, now to do the other requests that have been waiting, sorry about the long wait... again xP
  7. WildRose Arts

    female anatomy practice, torso
  8. WildRose Arts

    warm up for today
  9. WildRose Arts

    the male torso, each day learning more and more, tomorrow is the female torso, also need to study muscle structures as well, then move onto arms, then legs, then poses, and stuff lol
  10. WildRose Arts

    thanks ^_^
  11. WildRose Arts

    warmup for today of a valentine themed Rainbow, a bit late, but who cares lol
  12. WildRose Arts

    some anatomy practice, focused on the torso for this one, just one in a long line of future practices lol Still have so much to learn and improve on, but this feels like a step in the right direction ^_^
  13. WildRose Arts

    warm up for today, some Applejack!
  14. WildRose Arts

    didn't do much today, xP but think I'm getting more comfortable drawing human heads, now if only I can figure out the rest of the body lol
  15. WildRose Arts

    xD ya I just recently started, been having a blast, already got a second frame ^_^