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  1. Psychicpie

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    All that really has been proven here is that Chrysalis has been a good person before and still can be, she just needs to forgive the ponies. Or at least stop being hostile towards them.
  2. Psychicpie

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    She was obviously ment to seem like a villain because you see everything in the ponies perspective because they are supposed to be the good guys. But so were nightmare moon but she was actually nice and only hurt by her sisters ignorance, so it wouldn't be out of the question that hasbro would do about the same to chrysalis. Also if you want proof of that chrysalis always just wanted to be loved, we have to once again look at the song you posted, were chrysalis says she dreamed of it since she was small. It's true that she doesn't care about shining armor but she still likes his love and it seemed on her voice of when she said she dreamed of such a day, that she wanted it for more than just feeding purposes.
  3. Psychicpie

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    You better not mean that this theory is stupid and laughable because you haven't said anything that proves this wrong. So i will assume you were just talking about your superman thing. It will make you look better for all of us, trust me.