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  1. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Pokémon Crystal is coming up next month for 3DS VC just to let you guys know so if you need info on the release date, just go to serebii, gamefaqs, or other Nintendo or pokemon resource sites for the details For those of you guys that are playing pokemon duel, you can share your duel replays here by posting your duel IDs or a screenshot of your duel IDs however we can only watch these replays in a league match regardless of win or lose. If you guys are curious about playing pokemon duel, well I wouldn't recommend downloading it based on the negative reviews. You wanna go to your app store for the most reviews and you'll see what I mean. what I mean is that there's no balance to the game and most people have been using the same pokemon type and species regardless of evolution and forms in their deck such as having ghost type pokemon, seismotoad, crobat, combusken, blaziken, tapu koko, and deoxys. If overused, it would be most likely the same pokemon that I mentioned, but including mew so we're all looking for nerfs on them. If you guys don't do league matches, then that's ok. you can still watch our duel replays. Gym Cups, well Some of them are not very rewarding right now based on what's up for grabs. If you guys wanna know what I mean by overused pokemon, you wanna watch the featured duels on new and spotlight tabs and you'll see what I mean.
  2. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Nice. if you think that's lucky, try catching a shiny pokemon very early or at the beginning of the game. Last time It happened to me when I was trying to prepare to transfer some of my pokemon that I prepared for ultra sun on my original sun version and my 1st shiny of ultra sun / moon was a shiny buneary and got extremely lucky on it even without the shiny charm.
  3. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Poke pelago has also changed, but the only isle that's changed is evelup. Once the play session is done, you have the option to claim your pokemon that was placed in the isle or play longer.
  4. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Well the grass trial is that you have to look for the ingredients without fighting any pokemon who has their eyes on it so you gotta keep a close look on the message and your surroundings. Electric trial is a puzzle type so it's a self-explanatory. the totem pokemon that also changed in ultra sun / moon was kommo-o. it's holding a berry that lowers damage from fairy-type attacks, but also calls in scizor for help.
  5. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Well serebii is the only source on the information you got so I normally rely on that site whenever I need some information off from it. Ultra sun / moon is just another straightforward game so no guides needed unless you need to know which trainers uses what pokemon. Some trials remain the same except for grass, and electric trials which are changed and some totem pokemon have changed as well so plan your team carefully.
  6. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    The thing is that if you get 1 version, you have to trade pokemon to fill your pokedex up. if you get both versions, then you need 2 3DSs of any model to trade or if you have a pokemon bank, you can transfer pokemon through physical or digital copies.
  7. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Well your best bet to find people to play pokemon is around the shopping mall or outlet areas, and streetpass meet-ups. It's hard to find people who are playing pokemon, but their 3DS is pretty much noticeable although you can't tell if they're playing pokemon or not so that's the thing. You can transfer pokemon from your original sun / moon > ultra sun / moon however after the 4th grand trial, the level cap for traded pokemon will be at 85 so it's not like the original versions. if you're using high leveled pokemon, only use them when you need to buy the time to recover your team.
  8. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    There are additional stories, UBs, moves, and Z-Moves in ultra sun / moon however the restrictions apply the same as ORAS which is that you can't use new UBs, new pokemon forms like lycanroc dusk form, necrozma's ultra form, and partner cap Pikachu, new Z-Moves, and new moves, but these restrictions apply when you battle and/or trade someone that are playing the original version of pokemon sun / moon. Pokemon and Item locations are different this time as well.
  9. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    I started playing at November 20th after the preparations for the transfers were done although I did finish it during my vacation and It wasn't easy though. I normally keep exp. share off for full enjoyment of the game.
  10. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    As I said before revenge isn't gonna solve your problems and we have no intentions of doing that. There was a pokken DX demo, but it only lasts for 15 battles. The gameplay is all the same as the wii-u's with new contents. My friend has the original version for the wii-u and I was hoping to play it if my brother was able to get it if that is if he has the money to buy it. The system is my brother's though, but was permitted to borrow it till further notice and the game cost about $60 + tax (no tax if digital copy). It's not only pokken DX that was released, but also pokemon G/S as well. You'll get celebi and 3DS theme for purchasing either gold or silver. All rules from R/B/Y apply which is no suspension and restore points. Trades are wireless communication (3DS > 3DS). If you forgot your code for celebi and 3DS theme, it will be on your e-mail.
  11. KirbyFluttershy

    Pokemon Thread

    Revenge never solves anything and we have no intentions of doing that. There's a saying that practice makes perfect. You have to keep trying and trying till you get better. Sure, pokken can be tough, but you won't get any improvements by not trying your best. Anyways as of news goes, Pokken DX for switch and Pokémon G/S/C for the 3DS VC are coming up next week. If you get pokemon G/S/C on the launch day, you'll get a special code distribution for pokemon (ultra) sun / moon. As revealed from Nintendo direct, more information for ultra sun / moon have been shown. You can check serebii or watch the video for more info. Pokken DX demo for the switch is available, but it will only last you for 15 battles. For pokemon duel, Room matches now contains halls and has some rules when participating them. Arbiter halls can only be used for the upcoming gym cup matches. the Pokémon from sun / moon are now available as well and 6 boosters are no longer available from this point on so it's all 10 booster packs when available and it cost 500 gems. Pokemon's Level cap can be increased by using carominites in a fusion and the amount of carmonites required depends on the rarity of the pokemon's figure such as 100 carmonites each to increase a level cap for EX figures.
  12. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I know I haven't been posting around here lately, but here's one from my dA watch. Fluttershy as a seapony (or seapony fluttershy either way)
  13. KirbyFluttershy

    Breath of the Wild

    I think most people have completed the game already so spoilers are an option, but not required to do so. I'm just making some slow progress on the switch right now due to either me or my brother's visits and my nephews wanting to play the system. I just barely started on the wii-u version since may, but waiting on the green light from my friend to borrow the game.
  14. KirbyFluttershy

    Things You Hate In Games You Love

    I believe WaterPulse is right. You gotta have more reasons the things you hate in these games other than difficulty of the game. Some games have a fixed difficulty and some tend to get harder as you progress. Here are the things I hate in some games that I love Final Fantasy XI - Well It's mostly the drop rate on certain equipment and Competition over notorious Monsters in terms of fast claim Maple Story - Crashes, D/cs, and Security Program not shutting down Properly. Pokemon Duel - Miss Segments, not landing big white attacks and purple attacks, and not getting any good pokemon off from the boosters Plants vs Zombies 2 - Mostly Metal Hair Gargantuars in terms of the world music. Super Smash Bros. - Well It's mostly Tabuu's Red Ring of Death and Master Core's Black hole of death which I hate these kind of moves Mario Kart - Blue Shells is what I hate the most as most people hate these kind of items agree on that. Final Fantasy - Mostly It's malboro's Bad Breath if you don't have ribbon or Status Immunities equipped (or status resist for FF8) including Final Fantasy XI's Extremely Bad Breath which it will do Instant Death effect.. Legend of Zelda - Like likes and Bubbles is what I hate the most in these games. In Hyrule Warriors, Mostly Item and Magic Thieves even though I hate it when they approach me to steal items and magic from me.
  15. KirbyFluttershy

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    Final Fantasy XI is my all-time Favorite. I've been playing it for years. The community is nice and most people liked me for what I do such as assembling parties for certain runs and fighting certain mobs alone and the people are nice to get along as well. My Main job is Summoner followed by White Mage as a support (sub) job which is my all-time main job followed by samurai / dancer as my secondary job to honor my friend's job and make myself useful in some runs. Other Jobs, Well I normally play as White, Black, and Red Mages, Scholar, Dragoon, Paladin, and Dancer. Beastmaster, well I normally use it for solo and farming purposes only. The music in the game are pretty catchy, but mostly The chocobo theme, Windurst, Jeuno, Ronfaure, Aht Urghan Whitegate, and Battle Music are my favorites in the game.