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  1. deathmetalbr0ny

    What was the first fan song that you heard and how did you react

    Oh yes,if ponyphonic is what you hear first you know that your in for something great.
  2. deathmetalbr0ny

    Show me your OC!

    Something I made today, Still trying to think of a good name for someone who's supposed to be skilled in both magic and combat. Idea was somewhat inspired by Neo the Magic Swordsman.
  3. Spending The Day Indoors. He is ready to declare a direct attack thinking he will win, but what he overlooked is her face down when activated will split the direct damage from 2500 to 1250 allowing her to survive the turn and inflict it to both players.
  4. Got a Pinkie plushie the other day,was supposed to look like thisuNgdgrw.jpg

    But looked like this


    The snout is too small, eyes are completely off center, there's no thread for a smile like the image above and the legs are so bad it doesn't even stand by itself. I thought it would at least be in similar quality to my rainbow dash one but :ajnope:oh well.

  5. I think I just found my favorite ship and normally I don't care for shipping at all but this is too adorable




  6. I think I'm overly attached to this Rainbow Dash plushie.

    I have found myself carrying it everywhere in my house, and when no ones here I find myself talking to it like it's a puppy or something and I have no idea why:why:...I've never do that kind of thing, not since I was 10 years old maybe.

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    2. deathmetalbr0ny


      I do talk to personifications like you said and it does help I just don't out loud its more of an internal thing.(and all I meant was its not so bad where iI think that it literally said something lol).

      If Hasbro does make those they better be up to par with the fan made ones and not like...this lxjXtTx.jpg

    3. Mourningfall



      Yeah man I get'cha, you know the difference between what's real and what's not, that's good. I was just justifying why you shouldn't feel ashamed or embarassed about it. people can have an attachment to their belongings, it's normal.

    4. deathmetalbr0ny



      No shame or embarrassment for me four season 2 posters. Although I will admit its still a little awkward explaining when they never heard or have no other context.   

  7. deathmetalbr0ny

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    Yeah season 1 isn't the greatest and has more than a few dud episodes lol, I'm going through an entire series re watch and episodes like Griffon the Brush-Off and Look Before You Sleep don't hold up that great.
  8. deathmetalbr0ny

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    I never thought about that I'm going to assume she was a baby being taken care of by granny smith or she wasn't born yet
  9. deathmetalbr0ny

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    That one wasn't my favorite but Applejack and Big Mac's banter was enoyable enough to get a pass for me.
  10. For me it would have to be The Mane Attraction, Its by no means terrible but I really don't care for the 'famous person returning home seeing an old friend and then singing a more raw emotional ballad to show there true self 'type plot,it's been done to death. And speaking of I have grown to not like that song because my living room tv is usually on the hub and that episode kept being replayed and I woke up to that song almost every morning!
  11. Ah yeah but now that you mentioned we haven't, sooner or later someone probably will now whether the topic called for or not.oh god. It want really meant to be a theory lol, its was just meant to share stories of how something light and could end up on the completely opposite side or getting into something so much you took in to much at once.
  12. Wait...doesn't that confirm it more than anything?
  13. I didn't but I do now. Russian history is something I haven't really done a lot of research into.