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  1. Kinda necroposting, but it's worth it. If either of you used to play the old Heroes mod by Dragonlight, apparently the Versus Ponyville Reborn team have resurrected that old mod. It's not quite finished yet, but it's playable. Iffin' either of you know anyone from those days, let 'em know.
  2. Scherzo

    lmaobox down

    And just as I figured, LMAOBOX is back and undetected again a week later. GG Valve, but cheaters gonna cheat.
  3. Scherzo

    lmaobox down

    Considering the post in question on the cheat board it was posted on had an attachment that was full of malware posing as being the source code, pretty sure it's the truth. Besides, if he was going to go for a scorched earth policy, don't you think he would have shut down the LMAOBOX website and forums too?
  4. Scherzo

    lmaobox down

    Incorrect. Owner had his shit hacked (lel, hacker getting hacked, the irony), and the person who did it leaked the Source Code to Valve. It'll be back, more than likely. And if not, the die-hard cheaters will just move on to the next "big" cheat, like Lithium.
  5. Scherzo

    MLP Heroes Reborn

    A tall order to fill, especially since DL never shared the source code.
  6. You'd have to craft a shitload of weapons and stat counters to get there. I think someone did the math and it ended up being something like 5000 civilian grade items total just to get one Mercenary Grade item. And even then you may not get the one you want.
  7. Scherzo

    "Non-competitive" Highlander?

    A Highlander Pub might not work so well, but an organized pub server with class restrictions could be grand. Just allow 2 Scouts, Soldiers or Heavies instead of 1 and you've got a full 12v12 there.
  8. Scherzo

    Server Mods

    A 24hr Tempban by default should be plenty. Keeps a suspect player off the server long enough to prevent them from coming back while the server's still active in the same day.
  9. Scherzo

    FiG Momentum V2.0

    I'd prefer seeing more coordinated events to fill the servers, actually. Maybe a scheduled announcement to get people in on every Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoon (after school/work hours or whatever), with Saturdays being the "big" one.
  10. Scherzo

    Server Mods

    Ideally Mods should only be given TempBan power - if the player is exceptionally problematic, the mod can get in contact with one of the Admins to make the ban permanent.
  11. Scherzo

    World of Warcraft

    With Legion coming out this year, and it coming with a free level boost just like WoD, may be pertinent to begin discussions of a possible FiG Guild (or two, considering EU peeps). Just have to come to a consensus on what Realm and what Faction.
  12. Scherzo

    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    Something I was thinking of after ruminating on my previous suggestions was, maybe make one server completely vanilla to comply fully with Quickplay's demands as a sort of "seeder" server. So, complete stock rotation, no cvars changed, no mods save for maybe the pony related quakesounds - in short, a server that's designed to not be as off-putting as possible to new players. Hook 'em in, they stick around and see that everything's hunky-dory and we have good regulars, they'll visit the forums and find the other servers that may cater to their personal tastes more than the regular vanilla server. So basically one server acts as the honeypot, the others are there to cater to the two opposite ends of the spectrum of game preference for players (serious competitive environment and chill wacky mods)
  13. Scherzo

    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    I'd say do what most communities do - if you have multiple servers, you break them down into different categories. One server is Stock Valve Rotation only, another is Custom Maps, and another is one of the wacky game modes, like VSH or Prophunt or Dodgeball, or a smattering of them all. So for the servers FiG has, you could do; TreeLibrary (Still say this should be renamed to Golden Oaks IMO) - Stock Valve Rotation, Vanilla Gameplay (Crits enabled, etc) Tartarus: Competitive "Pro" Maps, "Pro" Gameplay (Crits disabled, bullet spread disabled, no crits on capping intel, no first blood in Arena, support classes locked to a maximum of two (Sniper/Spy/Engineer/Pyro)) Barnyard: Custom Maps, Custom Gameplay (VSH, Dodgeball, Stop That Tank, UberUpgrades, etc)
  14. Scherzo

    Automatic Playtime Events

    Aye, that's all I'm really asking for. Some manner of event once or twice a week that reliably brings traffic to the servers, until we have enough people who go "man, this place is awesome" and stick around regularly. Also, are we set up for Quickplay? I mean it's not going to be as effective as before seeing as QP defaults to valve-only servers, but still.
  15. Scherzo

    World of Warcraft

    It's no more cheating than rolling a Monk in full Heirlooms and an Elixir of Ancient Knowledge :U