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  1. Looking at the possibility of Starting up Radioplays for the more popular fanfictions/comics. Hopefully, the first project can be a shot at redoing (And finishing) Falout equestria. whether or not our first project ends up being Fallout Equestria or not, though, I need to be sure theres enough people that would be interested in it, and also if there are those that would be interested in helping to make it. If you're interested, leave a comment! If you think you could help, most the work would probably be done on Sundays and Mondays. The goal would be an episode about 1/2-1 hour long each week. Each different project would probably need about 3-8 voice actors, preferably able to cover multiple characters. Also, looking for sound editors, and people that can make music to fit the episode. If you're willing to help out, leave a message here, or, better yet, send a message directly to me.