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  1. Any Slavic language. Russian, Polish, you name it. Except my own of course.
  2. The movie in original version.

    But, but, but I love her charming Tennessee accent. It is one of the reasons why she is my favorite pony next to Rarity. Spike voice I can't say I care that much bit I do think it fits Spike, thought Cathy Weseluck is very talented actress and she does great Mayor Mare and Coco.
  3. yo cinder

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    2. Ryo Marufuji

      Ryo Marufuji

      i guess i always valued being brave over being nervous

    3. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Those are not mutually exclusive things. Being brave is not absence of fear, that's something else. Bravery is when you face it. And you can do it, you are just lacking in self-confidence department. Well "just" is a weak word, it takes dedication to trust yourself. But I am certain that you can do it.

    4. Ryo Marufuji
  4. Marvelous. And perish the thought of us being like minded individuals. That would be rather dull experience.
  5. Well we try, it isn't most glamorous place on the net but it is friendly enough.
  6. The movie in original version.

    Makes sense, from what I remember from my incorrect and insensitive stereotypes, French media hate English in any form. Germany had only like 4 cinemas in the entire country with subs which was surprise for me since I know that Germans dub every single thing. This is odd to me because in my country we only dub cartoons for kids and yes sadly that means MLP is dub only. So what are your options? The paragon choice is to wait until bluray/DVD is out for sale (half a year I think?) since surely you can buy English MLP online. The renegade choice on the other hand is to watch the leaked version which is already out.
  7. Yo, Vinny. Welcome to our crib. Have fun, enjoy stuff and so on.
  8. hello

    Welcome to the herd, here is standard issue pie. Good luck soldier.
  9. Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    Can someone correct me but didn't Pinkie's family first appeared in her first book before they finally made a proper speaking appearance? And until that episode people thought their names were Inky and Blinky instead of Limestone and Marble? Aaaaand consider that this year MLP had much stronger connectivity between various MLP media like with comics... So yeah I can see this being for real in show too. I wouldn't if it was few years ago but times they are changing. Though my initial reaction was "oh fandom made another two random mares lesbians" since well I could list whole day every single fanon lesbian. Stallions just don't get any love. Of course like with Lyra and Bon Bon the whole lesbian thing will probably be implied only. And yes pretty sure there already is petition against Scoot's aunts.
  10. inv art

    Hah, that's brilliant picture!
  11. hey cinder

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    2. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      When I get my own place I am gonna get shelves for a nice home library.


    3. Ryo Marufuji
    4. Ryo Marufuji

      Ryo Marufuji

      and i'll have to do some extra cleaning

  12. We all have to learn, shame we can't be born with knowledge. Hope you found Halo Fic you liked.