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  1. Cinder Vel

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    But not untrue. Besides, I only say it because I think it was impressive display of destruction. I admire that quality.
  2. Cinder Vel

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    @Light Blade What's so confusing? Pinkie's playing was bad as a biblical plague, just ask AJ's apples. Her sad mood also killed anything living near her as one of the flower ponies has learned.
  3. hello *waves hello*

  4. Cinder Vel

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    Soooo I don't know what to say really. Thrond kinda summed up everything I thought about the episode. Which isn't a lot really, was just weird to me. But I'll give credit where credit is due. Maud wins the comedy award and Pinkie wins biblical plague award.
  5. Cinder Vel

    Best Harry Potter Book

    Never saw the movie. Actually can't remember that much of romance really in books.
  6. Cinder Vel

    Spike! Wings or Without?

    It isn't even comparable situation. I didn't bother to look but I didn't see anyone caring about the topic to begin with. And the Spike Wings episode was leaked a year ago and kinda went unmentioned anyway. If Alicornpocalypse was a raging fire then Spike with wings is a candle. Heck I only saw petition mentioned on fimfiction, like OP did. But it was people wondering "what is wrong with this guy" and not some big drama.
  7. Cinder Vel

    Spike! Wings or Without? This, a random petition. That's it as far as I know. Hardly an epic war worth talking about. I just figured better turn this into Spike appreciation thread.
  8. Cinder Vel

    Spike! Wings or Without?

    Oh please, that petition is just sad. But well there is a random petition for anything. I mean Spike wings or no wings, it really does not matter. He is Spikey the Brave and has home in all our hearts.
  9. Cinder Vel

    MLP: FiM Books

    Well there are official MLP novellas but as you have noticed they are aimed for younger audience. I only read Starlight's and it was forgettable so I can't really recommend. As for the non official stuff well there is no shortage of fanfics depending if you like that sort of thing.
  10. Cinder Vel

    Season 8, Episode 13: The Mean 6

    First what I want to say is that it was damn time for there to be a proper villain episode that wasn't two part episode. This episode certainly was fun and it helps a lot to flesh out Chrysalis And do I even need to mention how much fun actress must have had playing evil versions of their usual characters? Which kind makes me sad that they are already gone. I mean Evil Dash and Pinkie didn't even get to do anything, Rarity, AJ and especially Twilight stole the spotlight. All good things come in small packages I suppose. Oh and I have to be honest. I found mane six reconciliation lackluster, especially since they just shrugged of that they saw each other acting completely unreasonably. Only Dash one time wondered if evil Evil Rarity was under a curse or affected by poison joke.
  11. *waves hello*

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      Same as any other day. Uneventful.

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      mine was rainy

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      well I finally defeated the toy soldiers but he got away

  12. Cinder Vel

    Friendhorse Art

  13. Oh right. Just to make it clear. I don't support using slurs and avoid using them. What I am against is overreacting if someone else uses it under any circumstance.
  14. Actually the history of that word is much longer and more convoluted than that. You can just google it. I should probably find actual books when I get the time. But anyway it isn't quite as you are describing it, the true prerogative nature of the word is lot more recent creation than slavery times. And even if you are right, again I ask why should we continue to give a power to a stupid word? Words are powerless and only have power that we give it to them. As for other cultures well good for them I guess. Also point is that he wasn't using it with racist intentions. Just as a random swear word. He might swear every day, who knows, but at the end of the day it was not said with racist intentions. Also he apologized and the whole stupid thing has been over for ages so why are we even digging out old shames?
  15. Cinder Vel

    Friendhorse Art

    I lik- Oh, vocal if you "don't" like them. Oh well.