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  1. What is the best part about MLP?

    Well for me there is no doubt that best thing about MLP are characters. As for community it is creativity though sometimes I think MLP fandom is too big to be considered one community as there are communities within communities.
  2. Hoping to learn more!

    Welcome to our little corner of fandom. I'll be happy to answer your questions and I am sure many will feel the same way. Though I will point out that despite this being Equestria Daily Forums, it is nowhere near as active as actual Equestria Daily or Discord server.
  3. Eh I am too lazy to go into detail. MLP villains really aren't anything that great. Anyway I find Discord as character most interesting of all listed and Starlight Glimmer as best actual villain. Honorable mention to Chrysalis for managing to become a villain we really needed, a recurring one (and then show will decide to spite me and reform her).
  4. Captain Celaeno (& Her Crew) Fan Club

    Someone had to do it.
  5. Captain Celaeno (& Her Crew) Fan Club

    They do deserve more love. Was starting to feel like Tempest took all the fans for herself. And ahhhhh Donkey Kong 2 music. Oh your tugging my nostalgic heart strings.
  6. Hey everypony

    Welcome to the forum, good to have you here. And ah I see you are currently playing Rise of the Clockwork Stallions. I suppose it is okay for a fan game. But you aren't finished, you didn't finish Crystal Empire region and to access it I think you need crown jewels from all levels, including the secret bonus ones. Also there are a lot of hidden characters to be unlocked. If I may be so bold to suggest a fan game I would pick Mega Pony. It is really well made and is actually finished (though think author decided to work on new game mod). Also there is Ponyvania which I consider personally to be best fan made pony game. It isn't finished just yet but final update should be this year.
  7. hello cinder *waves hello*

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      Patience is a virtue. 

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      Libra Dohko

      yeah I just hope darklady's computer can hold out till I can gather up enough for a new one

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      Cinder Vel

      Well my computer is acting weird too. I have to unplug my monitor when I turn on my computer because it has issues connecting to the pc or something. Also PC randomly shuts down. Also I suspect tons of viruses. 

  8. Do you still like Celestia?

    Actually existence of destiny was revealed in the first few minutes of the show by telling us that prophecy exists. You can't have prophecies without preordained events, so you must have destiny. It is a magical fairy-tale land. I still don't see what is so bad though with Celestia discovering Twilight's potential thanks to the school she set up and then either examining the Rainboom event and discovering the other five or simply just observing her own population and noticing five special ponies and their talents. There is no shame in identifying situation and then planing accordingly. There really is no need for over complicating things by assuming that Celestia centuries ago deliberately planed lineages of six ponies and plotted every single thing that led to the first episode, I mean that's just silly. Also thanks for reminding me of what Celestia said in the first episode, she definitely did seem to know that Twilight was the key to save Luna. You know, now she reminds me of Dumbledor who knew Harry's destiny but cared too much about his happiness which blinded him and he tried to postpone it even though he knew it was inevitable. It was dumb and he knew it but did it anyway.
  9. Do you still like Celestia?

    @Metemponychosis Well I think we can attribute testing to Celestia too. I mean it is her own personal school and she has been searching for personal students for some reason. Sunset was one of the ponies she found and also had knowledge of Elements of Harmony. That's a big coincidence for me. We don't know anything at all about how Dash, Fluttershy or Pinkie came to Ponyville. We don't know if it was accident or Celestia. Rarity is from Ponyville and AJ would seem to return regardless if there was Rainboom or not. Sonic Rainboom is the only definitive thing that is outside of Celestia's control but it is also the catalyst and I don't see why a theoretical plan couldn't have been started because of it. You can't have plan out of thin air, you need something to plan with, in this case 6 ponies that just happened to form a connection. Also think you missed a part in the theoretical plan, the mane six just happened to be in charge of things that Twilight had to inspect and couldn't avoid. Amazing coincidence. Though there probably wasn't plan because when Celestia talks about sending Twilight to Ponyvile it doesn't sound to me like she was sending her to find Elements of Harmony and was just for Twilight's own good. At least that is the impression I got from Celestial Advice. Also there is no reason to suspect that Celestia would know that there had to be six ponies per element. Celestia and Luna always used them alone. Maybe she expected Twilight to do it alone too but I doubt it. I still am confused about Nightmare Moon return prophecy and what Celestia planned to do about it. Or if she knew but then who wrote the prophecy? So many questions. Personally I suspect Destiny is the mastermind. Eyup, it is unfair comparison for the reasons you listed. Worf is a very interesting character and I sure enjoyed him a lot. I am actually rewatching Deep Space Nine now. And well that is just something I read on tvtropes about Worf Effect in Star Trek itself. And yes Michael Dorn must be assimilated by the herd! Or is it flock for griffins? Well now, seems we are gonna have some fun in the future.
  10. Do you still like Celestia?

    But what if the plan was formed between Twilight's entrance exam and first episode? I mean it is hard for Celestia to make a plan for Twilight before even knowing Twilight. Well ok she one time only was shown that she had prophetic dreams. I honestly don't think there was a plan though but I think Celestial advice did try to suggest that Celestia was aware of the other five in her flashback. It still did get out of hand, hence why Worf Effect is the trope namer. And the show knew it, Worf's actor even had a demand when he moved to be in Deep Space Nine for his character to not to be treated as a tool to build up threat. Actually not true. Unicorns did do it before the time of Celestia. Celestia is old but is not as old as world itself and sun was raised before her, she just happens to have talent for it.
  11. well cinder I just got through fighting this guy

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    1. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Pain you should not hit girls...oh wait, a guy. Carry on. 

  12. Do you prefer the evil Sunset or the good Sunset?

    Yeah I don't think Show Staff cares that much about that comic.
  13. Friendship is the superior ideology and we must spread it to the barbaric people. It is our solemn duty to enlighten our neighbors. It is for this reason we are going to have an institution that would educate agents missionaries of Friendship in order to help our allied countries and to help topple dictatorships like we did with Changeling Hive. All hail Imperatrix Celestia Sol Invicta.
  14. Sounds odd to me. I know that one link you provided didn't support that statement as people weren't saying that they disliked the movie. .
  15. Do you still like Celestia?

    Celestia is...a really nice lady?