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  1. howdy cinder how was your holiday??

  2. Just blew into town

    Aye, ye're right. This place is just like MLPF. So welcome and dinea worry we will fix yer not bein' drunk problem. Waiter! A pint for me friend over 'ere!
  3. Reforming villains.

    Well obviously Chryssy will be reformed. She will become a beautiful butterfly. And Tirek...wait what? Didn't know that he will be in season 8. Honestly no idea what will they do with him, he was a regular evil bad guy from hell so no idea how do you reform that.
  4. When the show ends.

    Simple really. I'll stop watching the show when it ends for obvious reasons. Maybe will watch something else if I find something cool. I'll be probably satisfied after watching the last episode, talk about it with people I like and then well move on. And fandom will remain same as any other fandom. It will exist, it won't be as active like in the golden age (which ended in the ages past). There still will be pony stuff made of course such as pictures, animations, songs, fictions and more. Oh and the sleepers will wait till the time comes to rise for the Generation 5. We will have to wait for the oracles to attempt to foresee the future and give us hints. A prophecy shall be born and loyal followers will wait for it with joy but also with great fear. Future is unknown, beutiful and terrifying at same time.
  5. Hey everypony!

    Welcome, welcome can't think of more words to say. Have an Apple instead.
  6. cinder are you pumped for sonic forces?

    1. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Not really. I mean it is very unlikely I'll get to play it ever.

  7. Attention followers of the Grrreat and Powerful Trixie! Our master of illusions has demands for this most glorious day! OBEY TRIXIE
  8. limestonexpie says hello everypony ^-^

    Gaze into the eyes of the Limestone Pie! Great to have you ol' chap. Welcome aboard.
  9. That's a really touching story and I'll chose to treat this post as personal introduction rather than an RP ad. So first welcome! And second, that sure sounds like a fun old experience that I can relate to (though wasn't pony related for me). But also from my experience kick-starting old things like these don't end up how you want them to be. Maybe your attempt will be better than the ones I experienced and I'll hope for the best case scenario. Can't say that I am that interested to join myself since well I can't participate that late in the evenings as I have things to do during the day. Also I have never used irc and am completely clueless.
  10. hey cinder

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    2. Infinite


      yeah im sorry for that

      so how are you??

    3. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      You are sorry that we don't celebrate Halloween? Well that is mighty nice of you.

      And oh I'm fine. Was back home seeing my parents so that was nice. Hoped to see my brother and his family but my niece got ill so they couldn't come.

    4. Infinite


      ahh that sucks I had to spend a week up at the hospital with granny

  11. New Batpony on the block!

    Welcome brother of the night, you brave soldier of the Moon Princess. The Sun regiment salutes you.
  12. Hi there

    Welcome, have fun and praise the Sun and the Moon.
  13. cinder how are you?

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    2. Infinite


      well lets see a nights plushie *hugs cute plushie*

      and some other stuff

      hmm theres a note in the plushies hand

      "dear ryo i found this stuff for you - the inspector)

    3. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Stuff is nice and good.

    4. Infinite
  14. Heya all :D

    Welcome aboard and you know the rest of the drill. Now stand still till I brand you with hot iron as the property or the Herd.