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  1. Good night everypony.

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  11. Sombra looking forward to his big return in S9.




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      Wonder what he'll do since his 7-year absence?

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    Sombra beeing exited for his big return in S9.
  13. Alright. Season 8 has been over for a while and it's a pretty old topic by now, but i've hoped to see Chrysalis return in the finally and team up with Tirek to take their revenge on the ponies. At the end, the season finale turned out to be something COMPLETLY different than what i've hoped for, in good and bad ways. Anyway, i've been thinking a lot about how team up between Tirek and Chrysalis could have looked like for a while now and on this topic i gonna tell about an idea i've come up with on how that could work. Sooo without further or do, here's my idea on a Tirek and Chrysalis team up. At the start of the episode you see the mane 6 and Starswhirl (and maybe even the princesses) in Twilights castle debate on how they could combat future threats. They've just opened a school and they don't want it to get destroyed or their students attacked. "We've had many foes over the last few years, many of them were really powerful and we were lucky to beat most of them, how can we prevent such things from happening in the future?" They talk for a bit, maybe mention Tirek in the tartarus (but they don't have to) then one of them suggests that they should actually take some measurements against possible future foes and start securing some borders like the tartarus and the everfree forest. Maybe even create a search party that could try to find and capture Chrysalis. Her last appearance wasn't that long ago, and even though they didn't know what was going on and she lost at her poorly thought out attempt to steal the elements, she is still out there, refused friendship and poses a threat. One of them, maybe one of the mane 6 or princesses if they are there (they don't have to since they're just background statues in the show anyway) suggests "I could go to the tartarus and see if everything there is alright. If all the bad guys are still imprisoned and the Cerberus doesn't escape again. But i would need the key to open the door". They agree with that and give let's just say Applejack the key and a magic necklace she could put on Tirek or the Cerberus or any other foe that would keep them under control and maybe electrify or drain them of their power if they don't behave, and tell her to take Fluttershy and Rarity with her so she is A. not alone and if something happens Rarity would have the magic the put the necklace on a threat and maybe the necklace would require a small magic push to activate it and B. Fluttershy knows how to handle the Cerberus so they wouldn't have to deal with that in the first place. Also if the necklace looks somewhat good, maybe with magical diamonds on it Rarity would really like that and probably volunteer to go with them and carry it. Maybe Twilight and the rest of the mane 6 or 3 or whatever can go to the everfree forest to check the tree of harmony and Zecora and stuff. Throughout the episode you could like switch between the main plot and a smaller side plot of the two groups. Maybe Zecora lost something or run into some smaller trouble and Twilight could help her out with that. And Starlight just stays at the castle with Starswhirl to keep everything in check there. Now, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity go to the tartarus and arrive there. Applejack says something like "Okay girls that's it. Were are here. Prepare yourselves, take a few steps back. I gonna open the door now." They both step back and then, BAM! Applejack turns into Chrysalis and knocks out both of them. Not killing of course, just like hitting them on the back of their heads, so they're unconcious. SHOCK! Applejack was Chrysalis all along since they've met in Twilights castle at the start of the episode. She posed as Applejack, heard everything during their meeting and now has the key to the tartarus. That would make sense because her last few attempts at taking on the ponies or taking revenge failed and after her last failure she sat down, thought things through and came up with a better plan that if done carefully and correctly would put her in a position in which she would get the revenge she so desperatly wants. IF Tirek was mentioned during the meeting with the others she would know about him that way and IF NOT, you could make an interesting implication that she knew about Tirek in some other way. Maybe she has been there for longer than the average pony and witnissed Tireks defeat through his brother. Or she has been watching after she got defeated the first time, saw Tireks defeat in S4 but thought to herself that she doesn't need him in S6 and an infiltration would work out just fine. Which it didn't. But anyway, she takes the necklace, opens the door and goes into the tartarus. The Cerberus is in her way and stopping her from getting any further. She either knocks him out as well or what would be better, she puts the magical neckglace on him and it immobelizes him to the point where he can't put up a fight anymore and wouldn't pose a problem to her anymore. That way you can show just what the necklace does because it will come to use later again. She goes deeper into the tartarus. The monsters in the cages smile at her, hoping she is there to free them. Chrysalis approaches Tikes cage. Tirek turns around and speaks to her. "Oh that is interesting, i didn't expect any visitors today" Chrysalis goes like, "I know who you are. I know the ponies have imprisoned you here". Maybe Tireks get's a little upset and says something like "Ponies? Don't mention those annoying little creatures in a place like this. They are the enemy and nothing but an energy resource to me." Then Chrysalis says "You and i are the same. Betrayed by the ones that were precious to us. Humiliated by the ponies." At this moment she opens the cage with the key because it would be little annoying to have like a hundred keys and each is for a different cage and stuff. She puts the necklace on a weak Tirek. "Let us join forces and together we will have our revenge on Twilight and her friends!" He hesitates for a moment but then steps out of the cage. He goes like "I like your offer. Fine. But what is this thing you put on me?" Chrysalis "Just a little safety device if you wanna try to betray me." Tirek "Ohhh don't worry. I would NEVER think of such a thing." They begin to walk towards the exit of the tatarus. Before they leave Tirek takes the power of all the monsters in the cages and grows stronger and bigger. He get's pretty powerfull but not too powerful yet. Maybe here he tries to attack Chrysalis or take her magic as well and she activates the necklace and it scares the living crap outta Tirek. But i think it's better when he doesn't try to stab her in the back just yet. He has been shown to be smart and deceptive so he would wait for the right oppertunity to strike. They leave tartarus. Outside he would take Fluttershys and Raritys magic as well. Chrysalis would say something like "Finally, the day of my revenge has come" And at the same time back in ponyville, Twilight would run into the real Applejack. She could have been knocked out or tied up and imprisoned like Cadance was but freed herself because she's physically strong. What also could have happened is, when Twilight sent a message to her friends to come to her castle for an important meeting, maybe per mail, Chrysalis somehow intercepted that message from ever getting to Applejack, found out about the meeting that way and went there in an Applejack disguise. Anyway, she would run into Applejack and ask her about the tartarus. Applejack wouldn't know and Twilight would tell her about the meeting they had earlier that day. Applejack would say that she doesn't remember that either, Twilight would tell her that she was there, both would argue for a little bit longer and then they would realize that something was wrong and someone who can change appearences infiltrates the meeting. They would come to the conclusion that Chrysalis is behind that since she's the only villain left with that abillity. Twilight remembers that the fake Applejack went to Tartarus and they may or may not have told her about Tirek. And that's where i would end the episode. Of course that would only be the first half of the finale. I will post the second half here too. But right now it's not ready yet. What do you think about my idea? Is there anything you like or dislike in particular? Tell me in the comments. Leonbrony17 out.
  14. I sometimes wish this forum would be a bit more active.


    I mean, it's a great and cozy little forum where the activity is not too overwhelming. But i still sometimes wish there would be more people here that i could talk to. Or at least have longer conversation with some of the already existing people here that aren't only 3 - 4 messages long.

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      With the coming of G5, I'm hoping that it'll be a new stage of the brony community has a whole, not the end of it.


      I want all of us to grow as a community and not rage quit because G4 has ended and G5 being too different from G4.


      I'm interested in seeing what G5 has to offer.

    3. baltoist


      even if g5 is a slice of show i would prob still enjoy it. only gen of mlp that i can say legit sucks is g3.5. g1 is good, g2 is good (mlp tales) g3 is ok, g3.5 sucks, g4 is good.

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      Yeah, it could definitely use some more exposure.

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