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  1. Leonbrony17

    Give the user above you a new name.

  2. Celestia deserves better writing and treatment.




    She's just a fucking goldmine of potential.

    1. Anti-Villain



      She's just a fucking goldmine

      Literally; look what she's wearing.

    2. DoodleDot


      Well since the show has always been about Twilight's journey of learning about friendship Celly can't really have a big role in that; sure she has the highest tittle in all of Equestria but i doubt her character was meant to be anything outside of the god who taught twilight (and kinda raised her). Why? because Twilight doesn't rely on her anymore; the story starts off with Celly making her become an independent pony. 


      Though with that  said, i would be cool to see more of Celly (and luna for that matter) past and how she was. But i doubt we will get that in season 9 since we already got a episode about the sisters (though it was in present time, not past). 

    3. KennyTAG


      Nice new profile picture dude. Also yeah she has lots of potential.

  3. Happy Birthday UltimateAI. :)



    1. ultimateAI


      Hi there, just now noticed this; thank you very much!

  4. *boops around*

  5. Leonbrony17


    Marshmallow pizza.
  6. Leonbrony17

    Vs battles.

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    MLP Association Game

  8. Leonbrony17

    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Leonbrony17

    Applejack fan club!!

    @DoodleDot *dies laughing*
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    MLP Association Game

  11. Leonbrony17

    Give the user above you a new name.

    General Kidney.
  12. Today i thought about how the S9 premiere could have been better if they would have made Celestia, Luna and Stars Swirl fight Sombra and get the win, instead of the mane 6 plot armor deus ex machina asspull bullshitting him.


    Maybe while the mane 6 were losing, Celestia and Luna could have popped in and gone like "Star Swirl is creating a barrier (or shield or bubble or spell or whatever) to keep the forest from growing further", "We will take care of King Sombra now". Then they fight him, Sombra fucking stomps, and then Stars Swirl pops in, goes like "The spell is complete", joins them and the three of them defeat Sombra together. Finally making them do something


    Maybe after the fight, Celestia and Luna would be wounded or too exhausted and in need of recharging or something, putting them out of commision for the rest of the season. I don't know.


    Just my ideas.

    1. DoodleDot


      there is just one problem with that. The whole point of the mane six killing Sombra (again) was to show Twilight she and the mane six are the elements of harmony and have enough friendship to kill sombra. 


      I mean from what your saying why not have discord kill sombra since he obviously can, but didn't want to because he wanted Twilight and co. to see how powerful they are. 


      I do agree that the S9 perimeter could of been better (i mean we didn't need to sisters to troll Twilight and co. by saying their going to retire but not retire.)  


      I feel like you just came up with the idea so Luna and Celly where too tired to be in episode 13. 

    2. Leonbrony17


      But friendship giving them (giving them actual physical powers) actually enough power the sweep away Sombra and everything he has done is a bit ridiculous imo.


      I hate Discord. He is a terrible character as non villain imo and i feel like the writers just went like "Oh you know what? We have this character with really stupid bullshit powers just laying around. Let him just finally do something." So yeah, i have pretty personal bias on that. Sorry.


      I haven't seen episode 13 yet so i can't say anything about it.


      It's just a few ideas that came to my mind today. Just a fun little exercise, i enjoy doing. :)

    3. DoodleDot


      I mean they have always had the friendship of power and after all the things i have seen in this show i don't find it ridiculous to see them use friendship to kill Sombra (again). 


      Also i don't mind Discord personally but i can see why people hate him. 


      Your idea overall is interesting at i don't hate it, but i can see why the show didn't do that or just have discord fix everything because at this point i am convinced he is more powerful than all the princesses combined. 

  13. Leonbrony17

    Spitfire fan club

    Thought about Spitfire today. And i think she is pretty underrated. She always has a pretty cool attitude and she can be pretty funny as well.