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  1. Happy Birthday Raralover. :)


    1. RaraLover


      Thanks, my friend! :yay: *hugs*:hug:

    2. Just a Fabulous Unicorn

      Just a Fabulous Unicorn


    3. RaraLover


      @Just a Fabulous Unicorn Thank you, my friend! *hugs* :hug:

  2. I may be gone for the rest of the year. :(


    Got some real life stuff to take care off.

    1. Number95


      Real life is more important than online forums. Take care. :)

      I've been wanting to talk about another episode of MLP, but I've been busy with real life.

    2. Just a Fabulous Unicorn
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)

  4. Even the comments section on the actual Equestria Daily newssite has to deal with spammers?



  5. Earlier this week i got told that every time i enter the store i have to use a shopping cart now. Because that automatically puts some distance between me and the one direction the shopping cart is facing torwards.


    WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Not only does this sound stupid as hell, it's also not like that those disgusting shopping carts that get touched by millions of people every single day don't spread around bacteria and desease and shit. Some people put their children in those things. Disgusting little babies that shit in their diapers.


    The masks are kinda understandable but it's getting a little bit ridiculous now.

  6. Internet seems to work again. It still occasionally throws me out, but not every 5 seconds anymore. I don't know if there was some kind of interference or if something needed to be fixed?


    But anyway, i'll try to be back here again.

  7. Originally i wanted to watch some Pony Life and just have some good fun time this weekend.


    But hey, if it isn't my screaming neighboors, now it's my internet that keeps me from doing that.


    There is always some stupid fucking shit keeping me from just having a little bit of a good time.

  8. My mobile data internet is acting strangly.


    It constantly throws me out of the 4G net and into the 2G net, which is much slower and almost doesn't work.


    That never happened before and 4G always worked flawlessly over the last couple months. But if that continiues, i'm gonna have trouble being here. :(

  9. Twilight just saw some Pony Life.



    Also, the 2021 Mlp Movie better be looking like this, bro.

    1. baltoist


      Pretty much my reaction XD

  10. I'm currently trying to watch and review Pony Life Episode 4 because right now it's night and my neighboors are finally quiet, but i'm not feeling so well.


    I don't know. Maybe i save it and continiue with it when i feel better. But if my review for episode 4 is a bit underwhelming compared to the first three, i apologize.


    The premise also sounds a bit weird and i don't really know how i feel about it.

  11. To all my American friends here.


    I hope you're staying safe and alright with all the election and rioting shit going on.

  12. Nintendo sure love their hands and eyeballs.






  13. Does anyone here know the CORRECT order of the Pony Life episodes?


    I've seen "How Applejack Got Her Hat Back" as number 3, number 5, number 6. I always thought it was episode 3.


    And i start feeling like i may have messed up the order and episode numbers in the review topics.

    1. Skylight Point

      Skylight Point

      Honestly, I don’t watch that much Pony Life :ponder:

    2. baltoist


      I stopped after ep 4 cuz imo the show is just....bad. Isn't there a wiki?

    3. Eda The Owl Brony
  14. I love watching episodes and writing an in depth review for 5 hours.

    1. Number95


      I think it takes me a little longer than that to write my reviews.

  15. Happy Nightmare Night everyone. :)

    1. Skylight Point

      Skylight Point

      Happy Nightmare Night to you too! :sweetieyes:

    2. RaraLover


      Happy Nightmare Night, my friend! :D

    3. Skylight Point

      Skylight Point

      Anyone up for an (extremely) scary pony story? Read the preview of my new ponypasta Starlight’s Beliefs in the Crystal Empire Library section of the forums! :happybonbon: 


  16. Boop. :3

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    2. Leonbrony17


      I'm alright, at the moment. :)

    3. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      Oooh, I was going to ask, would you like to see my YouTube? c:

    4. Leonbrony17
  17. Boop. :3

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    2. Leonbrony17


      How are you doing, my friend? :)

    3. RaraLover


      Hi, my friend!


      Doing great, thanks! Just one more exam left to go, then I'm free! I got a week before this last exam, so I got plenty of time to relax.


      How 'bout you?

    4. Leonbrony17


      That sounds great. :)


      I'm doing alright at the moment. A little bit tired though.

  18. Boop. :3

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    2. Leonbrony17


      How are you doing?


      You responded so late, i got a bit worried.


      I hope you're alright.

    3. Sky Spark

      Sky Spark

      Sorry, I forgot you replied :P

      I'm doing fine~

    4. Leonbrony17


      I'm glad you're doing fine. :)

  19. I just finished the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (2020) and WOW.




    I haven't had so much fun with a movie in a very long time. Jim Carrey is an absolute god in this movie. He was so cartoonish yet brilliant, it was unbelievable. There were so many times when i was in tears laughing. No one gives a fuck that the story is generic because everything else is just so good and seemless.


    A sequel seems to be in the works already and i couldn't be more deserved.




    Absolutly loved it. I want more of this. :)

    1. Skylight Point

      Skylight Point

      Jim Carrey is an amazing actor. I saw a series of unfortunate events and he totally aced it as Count Olaf! :approve:

  20. Twilights original design looks pretty interesting. With that cutie mark and the blue in her mane she looks like she's a student of or related to Luna.


    Moonlight Sparkle.




    1. Skylight Point

      Skylight Point

      Hm, she looks like Luna’s daughter :flutterdear:

  21. Mulan (2020) is terrible, bland and soulless.


    Plain and simple.

    1. TealMint_Moonrise


      One of those sleepy afternoon movies, or better yet, a late night international flight film you can fall asleep to, huh? haven't seen it myself, but there are just some films you can just look at, and know that you'd never be stay awake long enough to even try to understand it. Personally, the worst film experience I've ever had was this abomination, that hurt my eyes for about a day after. Animation was horrible. PlotNotFound. Terrible characters. Good voice acting, probably held hostage.

      Worst. Film. Ever. Even google top reviews hate it.

      Pets United (2019) Poster



      I had more enjoyment reading the comments than the eye-sore their about. Would recommend if you wish to tear your sanity apart like a stick of string cheese.

      Yankee with no brim? nah. Outtakes Straight to film. Disgustang.


      Please excuse me while I commit "go and watch this film" right now. Thank you.

    2. Mr. X
    3. TealMint_Moonrise
  22. Damn. I thought your birthday was in November. Must be misremembering things.


    Well, better late than never.


    Happy Birthday afterwards Lord Nanfoodle. :)


  23. I've been catching up on the few movies 2020 had over the last couple days.


    And if i can watch a few more this weekend i may start catching up on and reviewing the rest of Pony Life next month.


    I'm really looking forward to that.