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  1. What do you think about me?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SD13


      Personally, I think you're a great friend. I have a lot of fun talking to you :) 

    3. Bakaarion


      I think you already know my absolutely honest opinion about you.

      You're searching for a friend who is more involved and this is absolutely normal, we all do.


      You already made me annoyed months ago, but I never, never judged you as a bad person, I'm convinced that you are not obviously.

      I think we don't match very well because our view of things are too different, but it's more something due to my own personal reflections which are not so common (You know, like friendship).

      Sometimes I'm little sad that you seem still searching for more friendship, because it means that you didn't find what you need yet.


      I hate social networks like Facebook, and you were one of those who made my EQD notifications becoming the same type of content than Facebook, so I turned it off (still today, I would miss this one if you didn't mention me). But be sure it doesn't mean that made me annoyed or that I want to ignore you purposely. If I did, I wouldn't make this post. It's just not my thing and I respect that you want to post status updates frequently, so I have never suggested you to stop (neither nightshroud aka duo Maxwell now, who is the top 1 status updates poster, lol). Just one more of our different needs about internet and friendship.


      All of that make me okay for still posting on the forum. If you were somebody that I want to ignore, I would do. But it's not true. If you respect my preferences and thoughts about the forums, then I have no reason to ignore this kind of status updates, And that's why I post here now. I hope you understand.


      I wish things become good for you this year, I really do.

    4. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      I think you're an awesome friend. o3o