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  1. I just watched Robin Hood.




    And hooooly shit. This movie wasn't even so bad it's funny bad. This movie was just generic bad.


    I also feel like Ben Mendelson is the villain in almost every movie nowadays.


    "I don't know which year it was but it was the story of a thief" What a way to start off a movie. From that one sentence you can tell that this movie is just stupidly trying to be cool and funny for younger viewers.


    5 minutes in and already a time



    That whole "war" sequence looked like a middle east knock off. Bad CGI and generic sound effects.


    "This is not gonna end well." I said the same after i saw the first trailer.


    Huge missed potential later on when Robin and his old General from when he served in the war face off against each other.


    No big fight. Only a few seconds and then Robin could kill him but the general gets knocked out harmlessly because PG-13 rating.


    Funny how they set up a sequel probably no one asked for. Which will never come because this movie didn't even earn it's production budget back.


    Overall, it's easily one of the worst movies of 2018.


    But i also wanna clearify that i didn't hate this movie. I barely hate any bad movies. I still had a fun time watching it.

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      If you went through the effort of reading this long status update. Thank you.

    2. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Didn’t see it. Saw the RT score and chose not to bother.