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  1. I sometimes wish this forum would be a bit more active.


    I mean, it's a great and cozy little forum where the activity is not too overwhelming. But i still sometimes wish there would be more people here that i could talk to. Or at least have longer conversation with some of the already existing people here that aren't only 3 - 4 messages long.

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    2. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      With the coming of G5, I'm hoping that it'll be a new stage of the brony community has a whole, not the end of it.


      I want all of us to grow as a community and not rage quit because G4 has ended and G5 being too different from G4.


      I'm interested in seeing what G5 has to offer.

    3. baltoist


      even if g5 is a slice of show i would prob still enjoy it. only gen of mlp that i can say legit sucks is g3.5. g1 is good, g2 is good (mlp tales) g3 is ok, g3.5 sucks, g4 is good.

    4. Mr. X

      Mr. X

      Yeah, it could definitely use some more exposure.