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  1. I sometimes wish this forum would be a bit more active.


    I mean, it's a great and cozy little forum where the activity is not too overwhelming. But i still sometimes wish there would be more people here that i could talk to. Or at least have longer conversation with some of the already existing people here that aren't only 3 - 4 messages long.

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    2. baltoist


      the fandom will never truly die though. and i'll welcome g5 when it arrives.

    3. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      Is it safe to say that the brony community is in its silver age by this point?


      Just because the franchise is ending soon, doesn't mean that the fandom has to end along with it.

      It's truly the fans that keeps the franchise alive once it has ended. Like how the BIONICLE, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Harry Potter (I don't care for Fantastic Beasts, honestly) franchises have ended, but there are still fans out there. And by talking about things and creating things based on these franchises, it means that they're still popular enough to stay alive.


      That's how I feel about it, anyways. ^^

    4. Leonbrony17


      True words. But considering G4 brought so much to the table i doubt G5 will have overwhelmingly ignite the fandom again.


      I could be wrong and G5 is probably going to bring many new fans into the fandom. Younger and older. I myself will give it a try as well. The fandom is still not gonna be as big or imposing as it was in the prime of G4 again.

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