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  1. I honestly never understood the insane amount of hate for Starlight.


    But i've also only seen her big S5 episodes once and that's already over 2 years ago. I'm exited to rewatch then again and work on a possible "analysis" of it.


    But until then, is there somebody who could help me and explain why she's such a hated and controversial character?

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    2. DoodleDot


      i'm talking about season 6 and 7, it's not a big spoiler but is still a spoiler none the less. 

    3. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      I'll just let myself to throw in my 5 bits by saying that it was pretty difficult for me initially think straight about her because of this vertigo of polarized responses she got. But I am more than cool with her now. Starly is a good pony ^_^

    4. Leonbrony17


      Okay. Thank you two. :)