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  1. I kinda wonder what happens when you get your magic absorbed by Tirek and then you get your love absorbed by Chrysalis.


    Do you just turn into fucking dust or something?


    What does that "love" she absorbs represent anyway? Is it like magic or lifeforce or power or something? Can't you just recharge love or something?

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      I suppose you just get really weak in both cases, but in case with Tirek you also cannot do magic anymore...I think.

    2. DoodleDot


      in the show it seems to be implied that love isn't just romantic and that friendship and lust (the last one in reference to episode 8 of season 9) are the same as romantic/sexual love to a changeling (as in that eat that stuff as well), so i guess it would just make ponies very weak and maybe apathetic (i wish we knew more about the side effects) if all their love was taken. so if a pony lost both love and magic light blade is properly right, that that they will just be very weak and not be able to do magic (by magic i mean all the special skills associated with each pony class) . 


      also i'm pretty sure Tirek will be able to do magic once grogar gives him powers in season 9 later on (at least the show seems to hint at that being the case).