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  1. Time to sink into my meaningless grave like the ugly corpse i am to get the bare minimum of rest until my suffering continiues tomorrow.


    Good night.

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    MLP Association Game

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    You Can only talk with pictures

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    Silverstream Fan club

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    Mlp reaction game

    What would you even call that? Tirekke? Tichette? Tirekchette? What?
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    Mlp reaction game

    Alright, thanks to Sparklefan and Cinder Vel that i got the idea for this game. You have to react with an mlp picture, gif or video to the picture, gif or video from the user above you. As the title says ONLY mlp related pictures, gifs and video. Let's start.
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    MLP Association Game

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    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Just as i wanted to start beeing here more again my parents decided to stay home for two weeks again.


    I hate my life.


    When i can't be here, you all know why. :(

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    You can only talk in gif's.

    Okay some words are okay. I'm the first here soo...
  11. Finally. A quiet night without drunk parents. Enjoyed the time i spent here. Try to be back tomorrow.


    Good night everypony.

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    Give the user above you a new name.

    Ultra helium.
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    Give the user above you a new name.

    Speaks for itself. So i'm the first because there is no user above me.
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    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Revival? It's not like the fandom is dead or close to it. At least in my opinion and i could be wrong about that. On it's way out and pretty weak would i say. I just hope the G4 finale will not disappoint. And G5, i'm sure when the first episodes come out, a lot of people will compare it to G4 and say how it's inferior or out of character or weird. I'll look forward to G5 with an open mind.
  15. @Metemponychosis More interesting ideas. Except the Luna and Starlight Glimmer thing is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. I can draw some parrallels though, if i look at the Nightmare Moon story, where Luna did some shit, disappeared and got redeemed later and in S5 Starlight did some shit, disappeared and got redeemed too. But are they really just gonna throw Chrysalis aside and waste a big chance with her and another one for oldgen and newgen fans to get a big final baddie with Grogar? They could. In those departments their writing is sloppy. But it would be a damn shame. Also. I said it before and gonna say it again. If Celestia would be the final villain somhow that would be weird but funny as hell.
  16. Seriouly now. Some people say they Grogar will be the final villain of S9 but he will also play a role in the premiere and bring back Sombra to cause havok. I have no idea who started this rumor. But hell, almost everyone seems to support it. I personally like it myself and would love to see such a scenario happen. If this scenario would get executed well is another question. But let's not forget about Chrysalis. She MUST get a statisfying conclusion to her ark. Yeah, i'm pretty hyped for S9.
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    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Sadly, it really does. But i'll try to keep this site as alive as possible when i'm here. Even after G4 ends. I love it here.
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    Random Thoughs and Miscellany

    Tirek went from Level 1 noob to Level 50 boss before it was cool.
  19. Level 1 crook.




    Level 50 boss.






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    How would you rate your 2018?

    The year is coming to an end, so i thought it would be nice to make this topic where everybody can talk about how 2018 was for him/her. Was it more good or bad, or rather more meh? Despite having arguably more downs than last yeat, my great friends still gave me many great and happy moments and made this year a pretty good one. I would say 7,5/10. Despite the many downs. How was your 2018? (You don't have to rate in numbers by the way)
  21. Alright. Soooo from what i've read about Grogar, he get's his powers from the bells around his Christmas necklace and when someone rings another bell called "The Ancient Bell" he loses his powers and get's defeated.




    So i wonder, if he has to fight this dude he would be f*****.




    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Yup. He would be a FOOL! :haha:

  22. Well, looks like the name of this topic got changed to include all of mlp now, not only S7. Thanks @PinkiePie97. When do we usually get the first informations about the newest Season? February? Whenever it is. I say. Let the hype begin.