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    You can only talk in gif's.

    Okay some words are okay. I'm the first here soo...
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    MLP Association Game

    Dashu. x3
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    Mlp reaction game

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    Mlp reaction game

    Alright, thanks to Sparklefan and Cinder Vel that i got the idea for this game. You have to react with an mlp picture, gif or video to the picture, gif or video from the user above you. As the title says ONLY mlp related pictures, gifs and video. Let's start.
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    Give the user above you a new name.

    Frog the underwater milkshake.
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    Give the user above you a new name.

    Speaks for itself. So i'm the first because there is no user above me.
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    Season 9, Episode 12: The Last Crusade

    Those guys from TV who go to Africa and Australia and stuff and study animals and shit? Like that one guy who got stung by an underwater whatever and died on camera? Steve Irwin.
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    Season 9, Episode 12: The Last Crusade

    @DoodleDot I hope i didn't come off as anti LGBT, because i'm not but if i kinda came off as that, i'm sorry. I have nothing against the lesbian couple they introduced with this episode and i have nothing against LGBT people and people who support it. But i do have something against people the forcefully try to shove their opinions and viewpoints down my throat and attack me for having my own opinions and disagreeing with them. That goes for anything. If somebody attacks and insults me for not liking or seeing eye to eye with them on their favorite character, or show or movie, that person is a bad person. But here's a little thought provoking question. I could be very wrong about that, but walk and look around in the village or city or whereever you're living at the moment. What do you think are you gonna come across more? Straight people and couples or LGBT people and couples? You might come across a decent amount of LGBT people depending on where you're living but i assume you would come across more straight people and couples because there are simply more straight people on the planet than LGBT people. Straight people have always been more commonly present and the majority in real life and in media almost everywhere. And since LGBT people are less commonly seen in most of our daily lives of course we react a bit surprised when we see a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transexual couple or person since we haven't been used to see such people everywhere and all day during our whole lives. If i would see a LGBT person in real life or here i would be a bit surprised but i wouldn't mind it or look down on them because they're just people like me. The things that aren't good are straight people that attack LGBT people for what they think and forcefully shove their opinions into everything and it's out of place and LGBT people that attack straight people for what they think and forcefully shove their opinions into everything and it's out of place. With so many recent tv-shows and movies trying to awkwardly shove in those SJW and LGBT things into everything and in that process ruining perfectly fine products and mindlessly attacking certain groups of people i got a bit nervous that mlp might get affected by this as well when i read the news and saw "Mlp introduces it's first lesbian couple in S9 episode 12". BUT IT DIDN'T. The episode and characters didn't go out of their way to specifically focus on the lesbian couple, they were just there and nothing upsetting happened in the episode. The characters and episode itself were completly fine. The only things that are a bit questionable, but not in a bad way, to me at least are why did those characters had to be lesbian and why introduce such characters now when the shows is as good as over unless you're planning on giving them big, important roles and moments and while so many things in media get bashed for mindlessy shoving in LGBT stuff and trying to attack straight people? Unless they have plans for a future episode about them, the couple beeing specifically lesbian didn't do anything big for the plot or characters in this episode. They could have just been friends, related and nothing in the episode would have changed. It's a similar thing with the Sandbar and Yona shit, ähhhh i mean ship. Why introduce such implications or plans 20 episodes before the whole show ends and make people go like "Ahhhhh there's probably gonna be a ship in the future". What future? The show ends in around 15 episodes from now on and unless you plan on bringing us more episodes or countless cameos that go further with that there is no future for such a thing. I don't wanna turn this topic into a LGBT and SJW rant. But it's somewhat confusing to me how some people can be so touchy and borderline aggresively vocal about that topic, unless they have personal experience to back their stances up. There are and probably, sadly always will be people who attack and don't accept LGBT people and such people can be sacks of shit if they go too far with beeing against LGBT people. But the same goes for anything else. I also don't wanna come off as agressive or hostile towards you. If i somewhat did that, i'm sorry. I have NOTHING against you, you're a good and really nice person. Also, i didn't know people were pissed at the Big Mac and Sugar Belle ship (which i also missed the episode of by the way xD). My only guess is that Cherry Lee should have been the first choice? But if not, can you explain it to me, please?
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    Zecora Fan Club.

    WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL ZECORA FAN CLUB. Here you can post pictures, videos and other stuff and talk about Zecora. No NSFW, no spam and no non Zecora related things.
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    Zecora Fan Club.

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    Applejack Fan Club

    I think she wants you to pet her. :3
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    2 episodes plots after the hiatus revealed

    Shouldn't this belong into the Spoiler thread topic?
  13. I just rewatched S7 episode 10 "A Royal Problem". Episode is cool. Easily one of my favorite.


    And remember, Nightmare Moon's character model was so good, they just recolored it, changed a few smaller details and called it Daybreaker.




  14. Leonbrony17

    Season 9, Episode 12: The Last Crusade

    Alright. Episode 12. I'm going into this episode with a bit of a bad feeling in my stomach because a good friend told me that he heard bad things about the episode and before that i was scrolling through mlp news and saw "Mlp introduces it's first lesbian couple in S9 episode 12!" and i was just like "What?". I really hope that's not gonna cause any major backlash or fan outrage or has any bad effect on the show or characters, because in recent months, everytime a tv-show or movie or anything by that matter tries to shove in those LGBT things it never ends well. Current prime example seems to be Captain Marvel (which i still haven't seen at this point but heard a lot of bad things about, sadly). Alright, then let's see what this episode has to offer. Uhh, the first time cutie marks have been mentioned in a long time. Nice. Are those British or Australian accents? Noice. How did the cage get right in front of the door before and after the crocodile broke into the classroom? Why even let it get that far instead of stopping it outside or securing the cage properly? Scootaloos father doesn't even have a scar in his face. Sooo, i guess it was a bit made up? Rainbow Dash made them stop crying quick though. I almost expected the CmC to fuse after they took a few drops of Zecoras potion. What was that dramatic camera spin after Sweety belle said "Our job is to help find other ponies purpose."? Kinda a strech how the CmC managed to convince EVERYONE to help them and prepared all of it in time in one day. Why was that key glowing? Aaaaand we seem to got ourselves two new characters which seem to be a lesbian couple. If they're ever gonna be important for another episode anyway. Uhh. This episode was okay, i guess? I don't really have an opinion on it? And those supposedly lesbian character didn't even need to be lesbian at all. They could have just been sisters or friends or related and nothing would have changed. Aside from their decent designs and nice accents i didn't really care for them. The episode is just there imo. It's not good, it's not bad. I give it a 6/10.
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    You Can only talk with pictures

  16. Leonbrony17

    Give the user above you a new name.

    Mr. 2019 likes in 2019.
  17. Alright. I officially gonna change around the order of my favorite ponies. For now.


    It was.


    1. Rainbow Dash.


    2. Twilight Sparkle.


    3. Nightmare Moon.


    And from now on it's gonna be.


    1. Twilight Sparkle.


    2. Nightmare Moon.


    3. Rainbow Dash.


    Sorry Dashu, but you haven't done much recently and you're just too much of a prick sometimes.

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    2. Leonbrony17


      Interesting. Thanks for answering my questions.


      The thing with Maud is, i think Pinkie and her sisters are all represantations of a certain mental illness or problem, i'm not sure. I think Pinkie is hyperactive, one of her sisters is super shy, and Maud is cynical?


      Again, i'm not sure. I lack the knowledge about them and on top of that my English can get really bad when i don't know certain words. Sorry.


      About Mauds boyfriend. I didn't even know he existed. I very likely missed the episode where he got introduced. He just seems boring and somewhat generic. I don't like him either.

    3. DoodleDot


      Her boyfriend appeared in episode 3 of season 8 (it's called "The Maud Couple") and my reaction to him was the same as pinkies (he is more annoying in that episode then in episode 11 of season 9). 


      Your theory on the sisters being representations of Illnesses is interesting. And i never thought about Maud being cynical but i guess she has been shown to act that way a few times. 


      Also if you don't mind answering my question (if you do then just ignore it), What country are you from?


      I'm from Australia 

    4. Leonbrony17


      I'm from germany but i've been living in Switzerland since 2015.


      Nice. I love British and Australian accents. :)

  18. Leonbrony17

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    None of those treats compare to the deliciousness of Twilights wings. x3