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  1. Swifty

    What Mlp has meant to me

    There are many hypocritical assholes in the fandom and i would lie when I tell I feel bad for my leave. I won't look back, that's for sure. As for the show, it was a great cartoon and it was a big part in my life until season 5, when it started losing its way and i lost interest more and more.
  2. Swifty

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    Raising the sun slowly destroys her magic, destroys her eyes because you have to look at the sun, makes her die quicker because exhaustion,...surely I forget other abusing shit, that only affects Celestia and of course spares Luna. Damn, this fandom has poisened me with hate like no other, thus I call my quits again unless there's more Celestia in the last season 9 Not gonna watch finales. I don't need to witness her getting bodyslammed on a table by Tirek lul
  3. Swifty

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    Still not going to watch anything of season 8, I haven't even watched that Fluttershy episode after I read some comments about it. I just couldn't resist yesterday, though. It's a Celestia episode after all. The first Celestia episode (*) of the entire series after 170+ episodes. Man, that's quite pathetic. However, I'm pleasantly surprised, that DHX finally pulled this off. Have they been forced to do it by Hasbro? Who knows. GOOD - neither Starlight Glimmer nor Luna stole the spotlight as it happened in the A Royal Problem episode - no public humiliation for Celestia, I totally expected her to get laughed at by the crowd - no villain there who defeats her - she actually masters the royal Canterlot voice; this is not a matter of course, since DHX usually makes Celestia look bad at almost everything - some more Twilight/Celestia moments; by now I get the feeling that they actually know each other - Luna had no single line as it should be for a REAL Celestia focused episode; Luna's screen time was more than enough for me already - the task of raising the sun doesn't harm Celestia in any sort of way; goodbye, shitty headcanons - some scenes made me chuckle; Celestia's Have-you-lost-your-mind expression pointed at Raspberry Actor Mare's visualization BAD - it seems DHX MUST give Celestia flaws for some reason; she doesn't understand the art of visualization in any sense? Eh....okay? - sometimes Celestia was too awkward for being cheerful and gullible; oh boy, if she's still not approachable enough for bronies today, she needs to to turn into a jester next time - Celestia is good at giving instructions/directions ; this wouldn't have been written on BAD, if this would not be so underwhelming, because DHX has just shown Celestia too much at failing and losing, and that's why you 'd like too see more impressive things from her as compensation It wasn't a disaster as expected. I really thought that Luna has to help her incompetent big sister once again to actually achieve something. Maybe too much cringe. At the end it was good. There is no need for throwing a hissy fit like after A Royal Problem, which I never fully watched again. (*) Yes, it's the first and only Celestia focused episode. A Royal Problem is a Royal Sisters focused episode. Is For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils a Luna focused episode, just because Luna had only little, yet important screening time?? NO, it isn't. Luna Eclipsed is a Luna focused episode. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep is a Luna focused episode as well. Celestia NEVER had such an episode for herself. Until now. I can't believe that many people still think otherwise. Are they really that daft to understand this? Might be Luna bias, that confuses their mind.
  4. Swifty

    Recent MLP Leaks - SPOILERS!

    I didn't take any look on those leaks, I just trust what I've read from others. And yeah, my ride is over. Maybe, just maybe my ride continues with Generation 5
  5. @1st post Well, that happens, if you don't give a shit about a character. You don't care. That's normal. @2nd post We know it: Luna is more important, stronger, more clever and gets much more and better character development. Don't rub it in and don't expect me to like this unfair fact.
  6. Troll, mentally ill....how much passive aggressive can you get??
  7. I reported you, prick. Oh, you are one of those 25+ manchildren. I shouldn't wonder. Holy shit. You're even over 35??
  8. Just for your information. I was insulted three times for my opinion by manchildren. Why should I talk with you about this? Yeah right, Infinite. First you say everyone can have his opinion. Some posts later you're about not feeding the trolls. You guys totally convinced me that you are right and muuuuch more mature. Ridiculous. You all have fun in your echo chamber here.
  9. I agree with almost everything to 100%. About the writers, about the fandom and the characters. I only disagree with Chrysalis. I'm actually done with the show and the fandom. Now I just want to watch the toxic fandom burn by the hack writers redeeming Chrysalis in the lamest way possible. There's no hope for Celestia, Discord, Starlight or Trixie to look good in any way. Instead you get uninteresting stuff like the pillars, the 4th, 5th or 6th time Nightmare Moon again and a messed up story about the Tree of Harmony. Fandom swallows it with pleasure and think they are smart for it, though. Now, hack writers who think they are the shit, do me the favor and bring it: "Destroy" Chrysalis. You already powned the changelings into dust quite successfully. Don't disappoint me. Wait, you always do lately. At least Renzetti should have stayed, preventing McCarthy to take over. Then, there might have been hope left. And Edgelord mares like Tempest Shadow would just be a thing you would laugh about in fanfictions. What a lame movie... Geez, don't you dare talking shit about overpowered black/red male alicorns, when at the same time, characters officially do exist like Starlight Glimmer and Tempest Shadow. Full canon. Let's end this with a song I associate with the mlp writers, some voice actors and supervisors. rhodomontade
  10. I'm not snotty and entitled, I'm salty. Maybe you are salty, snotty and entitled if you can't take negative feedback without falling into insults. Yup, I'm not a fan anymore. That's right.
  11. Oh, the mlp movie at last. Finally it happened and yet I won't watch it. Fortunately I watched some clips before and so I know that Celestia got the typical Meghan McCarthy treatment. At least Cadance tried to fight back, at least Luna tried to escape and blasted one minion. Guess what Celestia did under McCarthy's control? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sorry, folks. I'm tired of this bullshit and I won't waste one cent of my money for this movie.
  12. Swifty

    Season 7, Episodes 24 & 25: Shadow Play

    ^These. edit: Nowadays I guess, I'm expected to be grateful to the writers that at least Celestia was just an exposition bot again instead of her getting totally rekt by PoS. And the story about the Tree of Harmony was one of the lamest they could come up with, imo
  13. Swifty

    Chrysalis To Be Reformed In Season 8?

    I would want this to happen. So....it's not gonna happen, I'm sure.