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  1. Hey y'all! This is my first post and I figured I would say "hi" and introduce myself before lurking around more and vanishing again into the ether. I'm amissingnumber. I use Steam and XBO/360 under the name mentioned in the previous sentence, and I play various games for all three: mainly Bungie/343 games, Bethesda games, Borderlands 1 on Steam, a few fighter games, and free multiplayer games. I play Destiny on XBO most of the time, and I'm looking for someone to raid or run PoE 34/35 with over the next week before my Gold subscription runs out. (Please message me before sending an invitation or joining!) Sometimes a placeholder plays, and I can occasionally get him to talk for me if audio communication is needed (and to take over for me if I'm having too much trouble). That's about it! It's nice to meet y'all and I hope I won't bother you too much! (Lost saves on modern games are not my fault! I can only do that on cartridges...)