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  1. How about no, and make me?
  2. Keep your smartass comments to yourself!
  3. "Peoples"? What low-grade grammar. I express my opposition however I want! And no one can tell me I can't swear.
  4. Only thing clear here is that they are salty whiners! Nyah!!
  5. @Friendship is HorsesThat was a long time ago. Fuck off with that smug attitude of yours and mind your own business.
  6. Your opinion means nothing to me, and isn't worth shit!
  7. LOL, salty much? She's an annoying BITCH-fight me.
  8. Why don't you shut it and quit being salty?
  9. You are now my most hated person here. Screw Starlight. *draws her being beheaded by my OC* That's what you get for being a useless main character......
  10. That's dumb! I hate that troll no matter what!
  11. Don't make me laugh. She's an arrogant childish jerk, and she's annoying.
  12. Too late. Already do. Screw that Fluttershy rip-off Marble Pie and that useless main character Starlight Glimmer!
  13. Fluttershy. Screw Starlight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Discord, Flurry Heart and many others.