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  1. I have similar traits to Rarity no joke and I can link ya it from my homepage site Qoutev and..hehe I think I should say I do have a crush on her but it's hard to get a reply since she is an mlp character, but the fantasies can be very close to it.

  2. Man so have ya worked at Riverside Inn overhere? It is very beautiful and is huge, has 300 rooms, good service, if you met me on the two weekends in Boise, Idaho. I promise you I have excellent behavior, ugh Bethany my co-worker who nags me and bosses. Anyways, it is very fun and I would upload pics but they don't let me unfortunately. Nonetheless, I love it.

  3. If you ask about my profile pic? It is a "monochrome" colored pic of my Creepypasta self's chest symbol. far and yes I'm an artist, it is one of my hobbies. I have a pic collection but that's nothing compared to the many thousand's I have hidden in my room.