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  1. Yoxy

    Rocket League anypony?

    You've got yourself a third member to score goals with rocket powered RC cars. The steam ID is the same than here with my OC as profile pic.
  2. Hello everyone. Pretty much all the members coming from PF2 should already know me but for the others, I am the frenchie of the old community and the staff member with the most divided opinions about you could ever find. Having been a brony since the near end of season 1, I've seen almost everything the fandom has been through and I expect to stay with it until the end. I am also a proud gamer and on my way for my third and last college year before earning my computer science degree.
  3. Yoxy

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    The only advises I can really give with The Lost is to become really good at dodging and to use his flight ability to hide from the most dangerous enemies, most of them can't shoot in rocks. Finding the dead cat or a 1-up also helps a lot since it allows mistakes without having to restart everything. Don't pick the ankh or Judas's shadow though as it will change your character upon death. The holy mantle is also a must since it allows you to take one extra damage per room. Finally, if you gave 999 coins in the donation machines and unlocked the stop watch, finding it will slow every enemy down except for the masks linked to hearts. For Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, a lot of restarting and praying to get the book of revelations at the first treasure room was the key since using it warrants a fight against the horseman corresponding to the floor as the boss. The real pain was having Conquest appear instead of Death in the womb since he gives you the white horse instead of a cube of meat or a ball of bandages.
  4. Yoxy

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Ah, rookies. As for my favorite character, I would say it would be Cain and his lucky foot giving him more chances to loot these bloody keys at the end of a room. You have no idea how many treasure rooms I had to skip because it wouldn't give me any. Oh and if you want a good synergy try Death's touch with a good chunk of damage up items, polyphemus, the sad onion and proptosis, you won't find better to clear up a room No matter the size.