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  1. Yukito

    Choose A or B

    Radar 'cause I'm more familiar with it... Still no idea how to use either of 'em though ^_^;; Would you rather be stuck in World War I or World War II?
  2. Yukito

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    x, where: 2x -40 = 300 * 2
  3. Hey there, I noticed that FiG has some TF2 servers, but I haven't noticed them playing any Versus Saxton Hale. This is a really fun gamemode where it's one vs. everyone else, where the one is Saxton Hale and has a one-hit melee attack, as well as other abilites to give him an edge. There are also pony mods where you can turn Hale into various ponies for even more enjoyment and good times
  4. Yukito

    The Banned Game

    Banned for having a liked post.
  5. Yukito

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    Sweet sixteen
  6. Yukito

    GTA V Heists

    Hey all. You like gaming? You like money? You like feeling like a big, bad motha without having to actually go outside or put yourself in harm's way? Then look no further than the wonderful city of Los Santos! There's always an honest buck to be made there, whether it be helping escort money from a bank to an 'undisclosed location', or 'accquiting' a poor man down on his luck and 'falsely' accused. Post here if you're interested in heistin' up, whether it be just casual runs, or for something a little more professional. I'm down for whatever so long as it's good times, but I'm also currently on the lookout for a dedicated crew to complete Loyalty or - if we're MLG enough - Criminal Mastermind with. And while I'm here, for anybody new to heists, here're some general tips: Rank up a little first, so that you can purchase new weapons and armour. Rank doesn't necessarily mean skill level, but it DOES give access to equipment that you'll need to stay aliveKeep stocked on snacks and armour, and practice utilising them in the heat of combatWhen you've ranked up and earned some dough, purchase a heavy combat outfit and a bulletproof helmet and save them as a Player Saved Outfit. The heavy combat outfit will reduce damage by 50% during heists only, and is essential for much of Pacific Standard, and the bulletproof helmet... well, is exactly as it soundsDon't be afraid to speak up if you're not comfortable with the role you're given. Few things are worse than getting to the end of a finale after mutliple retries, only to find that the assigned pilot isn't very good at flying and crashes the vehicleUse cover, like, all the time. You take just as much damage from shots as your enemy does
  7. Yukito

    Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

    ID: Yukito_Kaminari Friend code: 1504-6591-4875
  8. I've had these in my inventory for literally years now. Being popular games, nobody I know has any need of them. I'll give away these games to literally the first person to ask for them. Note that these are Steam copies, which I can only gift to somebody who does not already own them. EDIT: Aaaand they're gone! Here's to hoping our lucky contestants [Contestant 1 name here] and [Contestant 2 name here] derive lots of fun from their new games
  9. Yukito


  10. Yukito

    Trouble in Terrorist Town

    Well TTT is more live-action than those kinda forum games. Instead of waiting for a phase to pass and seeing what happens, you're actively playing the entire time and can see the murders for yourself, find out when a body has been discovered and when somebody's been reportedly acting suspicious. You could see a detective being sniped by someone who thinks they're alone, then sneak up and take 'em out before anyone even knew a gunfight was happening. You can set traps and lure people to them, and each map typically has its own gimmick to make it more exciting. Assuming that the community who play it are honest people who only wanna have fun and not grief the server, it'd only take a few dedicated mods/admins to keep an eye on the players during peak times and respond to any reports against players. The real trouble is that first part.
  11. Yukito

    Who is best pony?

    Who ISN'T best pony? In all seriousnessness though, it's clearly the Great and Powerful Trix-meister. She eats other ponies for breakfast... In a, non-sexual wa- No, wait, that would actually sound better than implied canaballism...
  12. Yukito

    Bug Reporting

    Dunno if this counts as a bug, but you've got 'Interests' twice in Edit Profile.
  13. Yukito


    Hi. I like gaming. You like gaming. Something's definitely happening here... So, uh, yeah, nice to meet y'all. Unicorn master race. Here's hoping to lots of gaming and general good times for eons to come. On a side-note: how do I add a signature? I can't find the option on Edit Profile.
  14. Yukito

    So you wanna play competitive TF2

    I've been kinda out of touch with TF2 lately. Came back recently for contracts and there seem to be a loooot of new weapons with all sorts of effects :S I tried to get into competitive before but it didn't go well. Had trouble finding a team that could get their s*yay*t together so I just had to abandon it. I'm no leader; I can't organise a group to save my life, so I can understand if people find it difficult, but I still expect people who actually go out and form their own groups to actually know what they're doing and to put the effort in. Likewise, I expect people who join said groups to honour the time commitments they agree to upon joining. It's not very much fun staring at a forum page, skype convo, steam grup page, etc, just waiting for one or two people to never show up or - as the case usually is - waiting for SOMEBODY other than myself to break the radio silence -_-
  15. One of the greatest gamemodes ever created in Garry's Mod, that requires stealth, cunning, a sharp eye and a quick finger. The gamemode works thus: there are two teams: the innocents and the traitors. The traitors know who each other are and must work together to kill all the innocents before the round ends. The innocents don't know anyone else's role, and must choose who they wanna trust and try not to get shot or stabbed in the back. They win if all traitors are killed or the time runs out. The innocents also have one or more detectives (depending on the number of players on the server), who are known to everyone and are given special equipment to help find a traitor. What makes the game fun, and not one giant murder fest, is that the innocents are limited in who they can shoot. Traitors can shoot anybody, but innocents are only allowed to shoot if they have a valid reason, i.e. self-defense, witnessed somebody killing an innocent, DNA evidence, etc. The trouble with this is that it relies on the honour system. If you kill an innocent by accident, you report it as such and state whether they attacked you or you were aiming at someone else. Likewise, if somebody kills you without a legitimate reason, you expect them to say something and for the mods to take fair action. Some servers have add-ons installed that help crackdown on RDMers (Random Death Match), but even then it relies on mods and admins being fair and reasonable. Many servers have mods that simply don't care, or who abuse their power to RDM themselves and kick those that complain, or to allow their friends to break the rules. There was only one server ever where I never encountered ANY of this for over a full year of playing and, suprise surprise, it was a brony server. Sadly it one day died and never came back since then : ( Anywhom, point is that, given the nature of this gamemode that pretty much requires the players themselves to govern it, I think a brony community is indeed best-suited to setting up a server for it : D