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  1. Alexey

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    That's a decent answer indeed)
  2. Alexey

    I wish I could draw

    Okey, there was a lot of answers above, but I'll try to add smth new. 1. I don't believe that's someone couldn't ever draw. Yes, you heard those words ton of times, but that's a true. Just for example - me. When I just began my guitar playing experience I was pissed off by my impossibility to here the tone. Man, I couldn't even tune my guitar without a help! So I've started telling myself that the reason hides in my tin ear. But being to stubborn I continued to try again and again. And after some time I've passed the critical point, I began to hear. Yes, it was still pretty hard, but I've done it! Now my ear for music is far from amazing, but only because I've decided not go further. Long story short, there are no such a thing like drawning impossibility. It just means that some people get to it more easy and nothing else. 2. I am a newbie too, but may be next advice will help you as it helped me. If you have tough problems with natural drawning try to do simple sketches by using references. But don't waste too much time on each of them. 3-5 mins or so. And don't correct anything with eraser. If you screwed smth just move on or correct it with few additional lines. In this case quantity is more important than quality. It helps you to feel a pencil better, to feel proportions better. Not by your mind ('cause, as it was already said, mind could tricks you with ease), but by the... by... damn, my english is too bad to discribe this, but I hope you got the point. 3. Don't throw away your tries (if you did). Because it vividly shows your progression. I could say you not to give up, but don't see any point of this. Because if you really want smth, you won't.
  3. Ah, yes. It's happened sometimes that good things are out of our sights.) Anyway, welcome and have a good time being here!
  4. Alexey

    From Russia with friendship!

    Not so awesome as Rainbow Dash, but I'll try too) And yes, glad to see nationals here! Hope, they are not as toxic as on russian sources, though.
  5. Alexey

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    Where did you find a heresy, good sir?
  6. Alexey

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    Ah, that's the easy one. Imperial Fists is my favorite chapter in Warhammer 40k, I love Applejack (), and, what is even more important, they have much in common)
  7. Alexey

    From Russia with friendship!

    Yeap, you are absolutely right) Though, you can skip "vashi". It won't distort the meaning.
  8. Alexey

    From Russia with friendship!

    Ah, thank you all again. I am already enjoying my first days here) Also 1) I love rice! The red one - not the white. 2) LostSanity, it's okey. I have many friends who test my sanity all the time) And yes, S7... oh, this is gonna be so awesome.
  9. Alexey

    From Russia with friendship!

    But if you ask, then Princess Luna)
  10. Alexey

    From Russia with friendship!

    Please, don't call me that 'cause it makes my eye twitch) Comparing to russian MLP forums it's okie dokie) Thank you) just need a time to look around I sense a political undertone behind those words.
  11. Hello, folks! Being brony since 2015, and the fact of my joining to MLP fandom is kinda amusing and humorous. Though, never being a hater, I turned my nose to MLP all the time when my friend was trying (or, more likely, forcing me) to show me first episodes. Times went on, and one day I've suddenly realised that I had no series to watch (the last one was Supernatural, I believe). "Well, what could go wrong if I take just a little look for a couple of MLP episodes?", was my thoughts. After a week or so I've found myself at the middle of the second season. Ehm... well, yeah, smth like that. Few words about myself. Named Alexey, from cloudy and glommy Saint Petersburg. Enjoying sport activities, guitar playing (less and less from year to year. alas!) and warhammer stuff (no nerding, just back stories and some table top games). Hm, few words indeed... nevermind. Also, if anyone would be interested in, there are three reasons why I've even created Equestria Daily account: - First and main... hell, that's one of the biggest MLP source on the internet! And yes, I found it out just a week ago. *Shame! Shame! Shame!* - The second one is to improve my english. I've been waiting for too long, stopping myself with any kinds of shameful self-excuses. So I began with such proven ways as: changing language setting to english on my gadgets, watching movies with english voice over and subs etc etc etc. Holy Molly, I think I'll even try to make notes in english instead of russian!.. So... where was I? Oh yeah, and that's also why I switched from russian MLP source to this one. - And the third part is because I really, really, really want to achieve something in drawing art. And this place is just a holy grail of guides! As well as many guides of any types. Well... guess that's all for now. I'm open to conversations, advices, criticism (if it happens to be) and so on. And thank you for reading all that above!