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    Music, ponies, and skateboarding. Duh, what else?
    P.S Chivalry is a dying art. Be a kind person.
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    Full-time Student at Anaconda Job Corps. Full-Time brony and teenager. I produce music at times as well. But skating bruh.
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  1. What do you use as your DAW? ~R3-EDM
  2. R3-EDM

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    I am doing a collab with DarklyWarning. He sadly no longer goes by that alias however, now it is Pernegyre. And could I be added to the list?
  3. Working on a new track.  Expect it on a new EP.  The track is called Powerless.

  4. www.soundcloud.com/r3-edm/ All of my music is posted here. Take a listen. Have fun. ~R3 EDM