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  1. Gimbal isn't really familiar with how Breezies work... Drinking with Gimbal... nuff said.
  2. I've been working on Nutmeg drawings for a while so I figured I'd just post the ones I have finished for now... A recent practice drawing I did with Nutmeg in my new greyscale style. Flurry, meet Mutt, Mutt, Flurry... this is from when the gang first met Nutmeg on the train. Nutmeg's first impressions of Mutt was fear... not surprising. Flurry and Nutmeg singing their favorite song after a night of drinking with Gimbal. This didn't actually happen in the RP but I like to think it's something they'd do. Flurry doesn't speak Pony, but she still sings the words. Think of singing the words to your favorite Japanese song. Anyhow, I have more drawings but they're still not finished, hope to post more soon! EDIT: I changed Nutmeg's cutie mark up a bit, you can see the original design in the third image, I thought it looked too much like a pineapple so I changed it. Her cutie mark now is the one in the second and fourth image. If anyone has thoughts on the design, feel free to make suggestions.