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  1. E-p.onyx!

    Hi I'm new here

  2. E-p.onyx!

    HOT TOPIC (mlp no more?)

    Wow sounds like this is happening a lot of places.
  3. E-p.onyx!

    HOT TOPIC (mlp no more?)

    Today I went to the mall an of course to Hot Topic to find MLP merchandise. Upon entering I was shocked to find there was not a single item that had to do with MLP!!!!! I approached a sales clerk and asked why, to which he replied "MLP wow that's like old news, I didn't think that was still a thing, we might have some on our website." I then searched Spencer's and even Journeys kids, but to no avail. after searching the mall I finally found 4 or 5 plushies of Rainbowdash tucked away in the corner of a puzzle store!! What do you think of this? please respond below.
  4. E-p.onyx!

    Hi I'm E-p.onyx!

    thank you everypony its nice to have a warm welcome
  5. E-p.onyx!

    Hi I'm E-p.onyx!

    Hi I'm E-p.onyx! an I am a long time fan but New to fourms some may have seen some of my posts already sorry I didn't introduce myself.
  6. E-p.onyx!

    came in a bad time ? XD

    Hi i started around the same time as TwinkleStars finally i am able to post stuff. Yey!!!!! my faves are Fluttershy and Derpy
  7. E-p.onyx!

    Imagine if you where Fluttershy

    Thank You i loved it great job
  8. Imagine your Fluttershy and your lost deep within the Everfree Forrest how do you get out? Would you use woodland friends, or have to calm an angry monster? Write a story and post it below!!! Don't forget that its Fluttershy appreciation day soon I know I'm excited for it. She is a fave for a lot of ponies alike and I know that I cant wait until the 28 to see all the fan art that you guys have posted. So mark it on your calendars. E-p.onyx!