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  1. Howdy do, Guys and Gals!

    I'm here with some big news: My first official book, The Man in Blue, will be available soon!

    It's about a retired superhero, Stephen Clarke, who is blamed for an explosion at an office building. Then, He must team up with Jonah Wilson, a 23-year-old, geeky computer wizard with quite the knowledge when it comes to comics, and Cassidy Waters, who is head director of APS, the Agency for the Protection of Supers, to help defeat a dark figure from Stephen's past.

    I'm thinking the price may be around $7.99, so look out for it on Amazon, and stay tuned for the official release date!

    For now, here's a dancing Flufflepuff:


  2. Hey Guys and Gals! 


    just thought I'd throw that out there. Happy birthday to me. Literally.

    1. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Happy Birthday Kuzco :sunset:

    2. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Hey, Happy Birthday! :gleepony:

      You'll have to forgive me for having no gift.

    3. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      Birthday, happy! c:

  3. That Nerdy Guy

    What would you do if you would turn into your OC?

    I would fly out of my houses door, shouting "YEE-HAW!" and then just visit Canada for the weekend.
  4. Made it to Volcano World in Castle Crashers.

  5. The Cyclops from Castle Crashers, if Twilight has a lightning spell, I think they'll be fine.
  6. Hello again, guys and gals!


    I'm officially writing my first original Fan-Fiction: The Bots!

    It's based off of an RP I did a while back, starring my own OC, and a couple others.

    It's sort of an Action-Comedy-Sci-fi mix, I guess?

    Welp, that's about all for now! Stay tuned for more updates!

    Bai!       :boop:

  7. That Nerdy Guy


    Well, I am considering writing fan-fics, as well as sfm, so yes, fan-fics too.
  8. That Nerdy Guy


    Hey guys and gals! My name is, well, you can see my name, and I'm here for fun and ponies. And mostly for ponies. And I'm a nerd. Oh yeah, and I write books and random scripts I hope to get published one day, so I'm open to suggestions! Bai!
  9. Hey guys and gals! I was just wondering how you folks got into MLP and the fandom. Here's how I did: It was a couple years ago, and the new school year was about to start. I wasn't as big of a nerd as I am now, I was more like a Nerd-ling? Anyway, I meet this cool girl, I'll keep her name a secret, let's just call her Diana. So, basically, this girl, Diana, is SUPER cool. She was a big nerd when it came to cats, mostly Nyan cat, and the Bravest Warriors animation series on Youtube. One day, me and Diana decide to throw together this cool collage on a Google Slide file, so I put in my cool stuff, like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, that kinda stuff. She put in cats, cats, cats, and...horses? Turns out she was a Brony, or "Pegasister", if you prefer. She showed me all the cool music on Youtube like The Living Tombstone's Gypsy Bard remix, the Discord remix, and lots of DJ PON3 (Her favorite was Pinkie). I showed her Awesome Mix Vol. 1 from Guardians of the Galaxy (Check it out, it ROCKS!), and threw in a bunch of other nerdy stuff. But after the year ended, she disappered. I have no idea where she went. Then, on October 17th, 2016, I was looking at our old collages. I found all the old Pony music she showed me, and I saw a word in the description of one of them: "Brony." I researched this word all day that day, and I officially watched the first episode on October 18th. Then, last year, I met another girl (let's call her Ramona), and turns out she's a Pegasister too. I asked her her favorite pone, and it was Pinkie. Okay, that's all! Just wanted to write this whole thing when they fixed the Forums! Thanks for reading, everypony!
  10. That Nerdy Guy

    What if the movie dissapoints you?

    I sure that this film won't disappoint me, I'm here mostly for the fandom and the show. But I'm totally stoked. Even if it sucks.