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  1. Chen Gong

    Caption This!

    no thanks I don't need to the nightmare fuel
  2. Chen Gong

    Give the user above you a new name.

    sinister shimmer
  3. well I have some good news (somewhat good anyway)

    the computer seems to be holding up for now it seems 

    but I am still uncertain if it'll last until payday I hope it does but I can't tell from 1 day to the next so i'm taking this 1 day at a time

    it held up for 3-4 days so far but its still a long ways to go until I get my new computer

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    2. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      i'm not trying to be negative but this isn't something I can sugar coat either

    3. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      I have to be cautious on this

      this is relying on pure dumb luck that the computer holds up until i'm able to get my new one

      you know?

    4. KennyTAG


      Like I said man I know exactly how you feel. I had to hold up my gaming channel until I got a capture card or a new computer because my old computer is crap. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the money for a new computer, and every time I talked to my g-ma about getting a new computer she'd ask me if I needed a new computer...then when she'd see me on her computer, she'd say that she didn't want me on her computer and that I should use mine (the crappy one).


      Once I move out I can finally get a new computer and do almost anything I want. 

  4. hey light whats up?

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade


  5. oh boy I got over heated today

    and i'm not feeling too good so i'm going to lay down for a bit

    i'm sorry but today isn't a good day for me

    now watch as 100 different things go wrong as I try to rest up I guess no rest for chen gong

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    2. Chen Gong
    3. WaterPulse
    4. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      I do buy booster packs every once in a great while

  6. this is what I imagine playing when

    I use the wing gundam deck

  7. Image result for starlight glimmer adorable

    *hugs starlight glimmer*

  8. hey pulse I ordered those cards

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    2. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      I thought about doing a review of a deck where I list the cards and review the decks



    3. WaterPulse


      That would be cool to see.

    4. Chen Gong
  9. okay guys right now the computer is holding up

    so right now everything's good for now ( lets hope)

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    2. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      i'm sorry if this wasn't as upbeat as my other updates

    3. WaterPulse


      It's alright. It needed to be said.

    4. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      yeah it needed to be said

      incase things do go wrong

      I know normally I post something fun or uplifting

      but this is important

  10. okay guys if Darklady's computer finally decides to give out

    I may not be on here for a long time

    until I get a new computer

    its an old computer I can tell its starting to show its age

    I can't tell if it will hold up any longer no promises i'll be back on later

    I just hope and pray that I will be back on later

    if not i'll be back on as soon as I can

    if so i'll let you guys know

    so if it seems like I just disappeared all of a sudden this explains why

    Brightest Blessings- Chen Gong

  11. okay i'm in no hurry to get starter deck code breaker

    cause right now

    I have a lot on my plate so to speak

  12. hey everybody whats new?