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  1. heres the list for my full power Liberators

    grade 4s

    4 shining true Liberator solemn glitter

    4 fast chase golden knight Campbell

    4 golden knight of incandescence Ebraucus

    2 golden dragon scourge point dragon

    2 sacred heaven prayer master reia

    grade 3s

    4 twin blade liberator Margaux

    4 murasame liberator Coil

    grade 2s

    2 citation Liberator Heli

    2 liberator holy wizard

    4 shower liberator Trahern

    4 history liberator Merron

    grade 1s

    1 invitation liberator Rud

    4 may rain liberator Bruno

    4 starry skies liberator Guinevere

    4 liberator improve falcon

    grade 0s

    1 little fighter cron

    4 steel blade liberator alwilla (critical)

    4 liberator of hope epona (critical)

    4 Great wish Liberator esus (critical)

    4 elixir liberator (heal)


  2. @Light Blade 

    Image result for twilight sparkle cute

    a certain pony wants to read with you

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      And somepony baked you a muffin ^_^


  3. I swear it seems like on the days i'm trying to rest after having an extremely long tiring day that's when everything goes wrong

    it seems like

    not when i have a slow day but on the days i have a lot to do

    has anybody else have this kind of luck?

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Dark Wolf Fenrir

      Dark Wolf Fenrir

      well I won using my Destiny HEROes

    3. WaterPulse


      Was there anything else in the dream?

    4. Dark Wolf Fenrir

      Dark Wolf Fenrir

      yeah the doppelganger sai something I couldn't make out quite right

      but it was exact using cards like absolute zero the shining etc

  4. okay today was meh i'm sorry I don't feel like talking much right now

    its not that i'm upset its that i'm extremely tired

    mowing the lawn and running a bunch of errands on top of that really wore me out

  5. hey guys i'm back i'm going to rest i'm very tired Gaia bless


  6. Dark Wolf Fenrir

    You Can only talk with pictures

  7. *performs the 4 seasons dance while shaking rattle and chanting*

  8. great have to mow the bloody lawn

    at the old house again

    whoo boy i hope the cops don't show up

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Dark Wolf Fenrir

      Dark Wolf Fenrir

      its like a mouse running around a maze with a blindfold on

    3. WaterPulse


      And possibly its whiskers cut off as well.

    4. Dark Wolf Fenrir

      Dark Wolf Fenrir

      that's what it feels like

       Vague info given while trying to look up something is annoying

      unless I already have an idea of what it is that she wants me to look up then its not that bad I already know

      but if not being vague doesn't help

  9. one thing I despise is when

    somebody twists your words around just so they can be on the moral high ground

  10. okay the storm calmed down and now everything is cool

  11. well I don't know about you but i'm running his lasers are a pain an he be a pirate *runs away and hides in a hay bale*
  12. okay power flashed at my house due to the thunderstorm I better get off here before it does again to be safe mind you it wasn't severe

    and the power's back on

     but better safe then sorry on this sort of thing you know?

    may Gaia bless you on this glorious day-Fenrir

    1. Anti-Villain


      Tell me about it; it sucks when that happens.

  13. Dark Wolf Fenrir

    What would you do with a million dollars?

    use some of it to buy a new computer then save the rest of it for a rainy day