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  1. Let's be honest Sonic the Hedgehog is a mess of a franchise

    the lore is all over the place

    the games are mediocre to bland

    what went wrong?

    how do we fix this

    or is it time to pull the Plug on the Blue Blur?

    I used to be a fan of Sonic

    but his franchise went downhill pretty fast

    and has never fully recovered

  2. lets see

    1. the Shaddoll structure deck
    2. the new Machina Structure deck
    3. Nintendo switch lite
    4. Disgea 5
    5. Mario Odyssey
    6. Sonic Forces
    7. Yugioh Legacy of the duelist
    8. Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection
    9. Ultraman Geed the Movie
    10. Ultraman Orb the Movie
    11. Banshee Gundam Figure
    12. Iron Giant
    13. Megaman Zero/Zx collection
    14. some Buddyfight cards for my brother