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  1. okay before I continue on with what I want to say

    if you disagree with what I have to say thats fine and dandy but please keep it civilized

    I prefer

    Related image


    Related image

    now I'm not bashing the mlp movie as a whole

    I thought it was a decent movie

    but I just prefer Sailor moon r the movie to the mlp movie

    the pacing in sailor moon r the movie I thought was a little better then the mlp movies pacing

    and also sailor moon r the movie at least let its story have time to run its course you know

    while the mlp movie introduced a bunch of cool ideas like

    the pirates


    the undersea kingdom

    but it could've taken 2 extra minutes on each you know?

    instead the mlp movie wanted to get the final fight with the storm king and tempest

    though the ending to the mlp movie wasn't as odd as sailor moon r's ending though



    1. darksword66


      interesting choice indeed. Hmm all the goods in all forms of opinions. Like you said i thought the movie was fine. I don't think it was the best in the world nope, i have many of my own i'd watch over it. But still cool! =D

    2. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      but given the choice I just would watch sailor moon over the mlp movie but both are decent in their own right

      but I still would watch the mlp movie