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  1. okay I wanted to say this

    and just because I say this doesn't mean i'll stop reviewing

    no that couldn't be any further from the truth


    i'm in the camp of just because you're part of the general audience

    doesn't mean you can't give your thoughts on what ever you're discussing

    you know?

    yet I was always told time and time again

    that if I couldn't make something better I have no right to criticize what ever i'm talking about

    which that argument is complete and utter Bull Craparoni

    you don't have to be a master chef to point out that your dinner tastes awful

    you don't have to be an expert on animation

    to catch animation errors

    you don't have to be

    an expert game developer

    to tell when a game is a broken buggy mess (looking at you Sonic 06 and Borderlands 3)

    i think that argument needs to be put to rest once and for all

    i also think Reviews need to be constructive

    regardless if it's a positive review or a negative review

    so more discussions can be opened up

    about the topic of the review

    that's all i have to say on this subject for now

    so tell me your thoughts on this


    1. WaterPulse


      I agree with you. For example, I think Pokémon Sun/Moon is a good game, but they have some issues that hold it back.