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  1. okay I just had a really cool idea

    for Kingdom Hearts 4

    why not bring back the Mirage Arena from Birth By Sleep?

    and if they could get the rights

    maybe bring in other characters from other games


    Yuri Lowell from tales of Vesperia

    Valvatorez from Disgea 4

    Roland from Borderlands


    as post game boss fights

    I think that'll be cool

    Arc Rise Fantasia did this in the cameo arena

    so I think that'll be a fun post game option

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    2. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      yeah and Zecroa even drops this rhyme

      Zecora: even though this place is quite cold defeating the Knight would be quite bold

    3. WaterPulse
    4. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      yeah and Saphir and Azure has never seen a Zebra before

      so both of them were trying to figure out what Zecora was

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