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  1. Last time on Dragon Ball Z

    Barney was Murdered with  a Sandcastle Shovel the Culprit has been found it was Mr Krabs

    getting revenge on Barney for

    playing the accordion wile singing in German bout Skeletons

    while SpongeBob was Joining in

    on this Polka Insanity

    and Squidward downing his Regrets with endless amount of Beefaroni

    it was Absolute  chaos

    I used to have an Accordion till a Purple Dinosaur stole it

    and why is Patrick Star Chasing some Goblins around with a Gatling Gun?

    find out next time on Totally Not Fake news with Dr Ned

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      Yeah, it could.

    3. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      since it searches out Winged Beasts

      okay that does help Mitigate one of the Issues

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