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  1. uhh who plays overwatch?

    I want to know whos a good to start with??

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    2. Dr Ned
    3. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Well Mercy does have a pistol, but yeah she can only heal within line of sight unlike the other support characters. Does Symmetra even heal players, or just provide damage shields?

    4. Metemponychosis


      To my recollection, Symmetra only does shields. But well placed sentries can change the game when defending. I often see players rushing and unable to deal with enemies and her sentries in a hot situation. And then you put her shield generator... It's borderline cheating.

      She can also hold her own if she's caught in a fighting situation. Better than Mercy. When I play Mercy her pistol is usually only useful against enemies that are almost dead or D.Va before she gets in her mech again. Symmetra has a much easier time defending herself, mostly because her attack is homing.

      Though Mercy's pistol can do headshots, it's a lot harder and I'd only recommend her to experienced players.