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  1. hmm *thinks* blessed be on this glorious day everybody

    heres a prayer for you all

    Related image

  2. hey everybody sorry

    if it seemed like I just vanished

    the computer needed to update

  3. hello light

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    2. Infinite


      not much trying to write the next installment of my Esper Star Sparrow story line



    3. Infinite


      how about you?

    4. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Ooh, nice!


      Just chillin' here before sleep.


      Blitz guess time! Do you know who is this dark-yet-with-a-heart girl that is on my mind?

  4. heres the list for my old esper star sparrow deck  (yes I was the only one playing esper bloody star sparrow)


    3 d.d jet iron

    3 d.d esper star sparrow

    3 beast warrior puma

    3 iron hammer the giant

    3 phoenix beast gairuda

    2 golem sentry

    2 kycoo the ghost destroyer

    2 battle fader


    1 foolish burial

    3 dark core

    3 mystical space typhoon

    2 galaxy queen's light

     1 burial from a different dimension


    3 call of the haunted

    1 bottomless trap hole

    1 torrential tribute

    2 trap stun

    3 mirror force

    extra deck

    1 superdimensional robot galaxy destroyer

    1 sky palace gangaridai

    1 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max

    that's all I used in my old esper star sparrow deck tell me what you think


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    2. Infinite


      dark core is a good card for removal and it counters graveyard heavy decks like

      1. Felgrand
      2. Zombies
      3. Destiny Heroes (to some extent)


    3. WaterPulse


      Yeah. It's as good as Tribute To The Doomed.

    4. Infinite


      yeah but it doesn't trigger those "if this card is sent to the graveyard" effects

      your opponents monsters may have


  5. I'm not seeing the new dragon ball super movie

    I don't care if they are bringing Broly back

    I'm just not interested in seeing it

  6. okay just tried Isolde in my noble knight deck and whoo boy

    that was insane

    I was able to summon both artorigus king of the noble knights and sacred noble knight of king artorigus all in the same turn

  7. trying out Isolde in Noble Knights

    I figured Noble Knights could really get a lot more use out of Isolde's effects then Destiny HEROes

  8. hi pulse

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    2. WaterPulse


      Yeah, that turned out worse than I expected.

    3. Infinite
    4. Infinite


      and why Gwenhwyfar in attack mode?

      she only has 300 attack

  9. @ChB howdy chb hows it been?

    1. ChB


      Been good. You?

    2. Infinite


      just tired every other friggin' time I try to sleep it starts storming

  10. okay due to the weather i'm not going to be able to be on here for a while until it clears up

    1. WaterPulse


      Aw man, summer rains...

      Well, hope it goes by quickly.

    2. Infinite


      yeah I hope so too

  11. got an extremely generic link 2 for any deck


    it doesn't have an effect (no really it doesn't)

    its link arrows bottom left & right

    and has 1200 attack (only bad thing)

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    2. Infinite


      yeah but hes good if you need a link monster

    3. WaterPulse
    4. Infinite


      yeah right now Destiny HEROes just need a link 2 that they can summon without jumping through 4-5 hoops

      just to summon

      all my build cares about is does the link Monster in question have at least 1 link arrow pointing to your side of the field so they can get 1-2 of their fusions out you know?

  12. Infinite

    The Banned Game

    banned for not sharing the snacks with the entirety of the skeleton pirates and now they're spooking everypony in equestria because Pirate Skeletons are spookier then regular Skeletons
  13. good morning everybody


    1. WaterPulse


      Good, uh, really, really, late morning.