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  1. *meditates while shaking rattle*

  2. good night you all I'll be back layer on *grabs Sebastian plushie* see you later 

  3. Related image

    double the gator double the cuteness 

  4. hey cinder

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    2. Infinite


      thanks so much cinder 

      hes adorable! he looks like gummy


      Related image


    3. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      ....I do hope he doesn't have teeth.

    4. Infinite


      nope I checked 

  5. hey light I bought pirate Twilie figure and oh my god its super cute

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      I know it is. Has she captured you with her lasso already?

    2. Infinite


      yeah she has multiple times and sang this pirate song


  6. *shakes rattle while chanting* 


  7. hey cipher I got my rattle finally 

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    2. Infinite


      yeah I thought I would do a recording of myself chanting while using the rattle instead of the drum (I'm not replacing my drum but my rattle is a miniature one so it can fit in my pocket if I need to take it anywhere)

    3. Cipher_42


      That sounds about right. I think you could benefit from experimenting a little and see where it goes.

    4. Infinite
  8. hey pulse

    I made a zombiesworn deck on dueling nexus it uses the shiranui engine 

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    2. Infinite


      I can see him sayin "but its too dependent on the grave you cant have that" what would you tell him then?

      id say at least my cards do something useful in game

    3. WaterPulse


      ^ Same here. :)

    4. Infinite


      he even told me "in yugioh zombies don't use the grave" really? then how come theres zombiesworn and mezuki?

  9. Related image

    *hugs cute little moon princess*

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    2. Infinite


      light you killed me with cuteness

    3. Light Blade
    4. Infinite


      its fine woona is soo cute!

  10. hey light hats up? 

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade


    2. Infinite


      uhh light you okay???????????????

  11. hows your evening been nuke?

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    2. Infinite


      been playing xenoverse 2 today bout ready to do my shamanic dance

    3. Infinite


      gonna try it with rattle in hand

    4. Nuke87654
  12. heres the updated list of games I hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. sonic 06
    2. dragon ball z battle of z 
    3. mega man x 7
    4. mighty number 9
    5. Inuyasha secret of the cursed mask
    6. Naruto uzumaki chronicles (the second one is better)
    7. yugioh false bound kingdom 
    8. sonic and the secret rings 
    9. kingdom hearts 358
    10. kingdom hearts rechain 
    11. kingdom hearts recoded 
    12. Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir 
    13. dragon quest heroes 
    14. Final fantasy 12 
    15. project x zone
    16. project x zone 2
    17. billy hatcher and the giant egg 
    18. dragon ball z sagas
    19.  bleach soul resurreccion
    20. Sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood 
    21. yugioh gx tag force 1
    22. epic mickey 2 
    23. samurai warriors chronicles 
    24. one piece unlimited world 
    25. Gundam encounters in space (federation vs zeon is better) 
    26. Gundam crossfire 
    27. arc rise fantasia 
    28. Superman 64
    29. one piece grand battle 
    30. thor god of thunder 
    31. star wars the force unleashed 2 
    32. sword art online the lost song
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    2. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      Ugh, some adults these days. No disrespect to your Grandma by all means, but I really wish some people would actually stop and sit down and properly expect something before they deem it "too violent".

    3. Infinite


      exactly and all because pastor Jim boy Billy bob (don't judge) said that Mario and Sonic were too violent and scary for the kids id say bull to that

    4. Infinite


      she would believe anything mr preacher man would say on tv 

      she was that kind of granny

  13. banned for not playing xenoverse 2
  14. Image result for twilight sparkle hug

    can this adorkable smart pony have hugs?

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Adorkable smart pony can have ALL of the hugs and love!



  15. *shakes rattle while chanting*