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  1. *starts drumming and chanting*

  2. Happy Winter Wrap-Up day, my Friend. :) 


    1. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      and you have a blessed winter wrap up as well chb

      I had already left my offerings for Gaia for spring time

  3. hey light whats up?

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Long day. Pretty tired.

    2. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      well I hope things get better soon

      and have a twilie

      Image result for twilight sparkle cute

  4. Related image

    *opens mailbox* I got a derpy in the mail today

  5. Answer my question with a question

    do you think I know?
  6. I think I discovered how overpowered my cyber dragons can be now with qilphort genius

    as its link monster

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      let me tell ya I was spooked and I was scarred 100 ways from next Tuesday


    3. WaterPulse


      Any good strategies to take them down?

    4. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      take out the one that's casting spells first so you don't have to worry bout him inflicting status effects

      and bombing you with fire blizzard etc

  7. heres something to lift everybody's spirits

    Related image

  8. I really do love this song

    I swear my allergies are acting up my head is all stopped up

    what a time for allergies to kick in



  9. Related image

    *hugs sad glimmy*

    1. ChB


      Hope you'll be alright, Libra. 


    2. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      its been a long week I'm happy that shes gone (great grandmother stayed the week it was horrible :()

  10. howdy pulse

    by the way this character is a waste of potential

    Image result for saint seiya thor

    its thor from saint seiya

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    2. WaterPulse


      The healing charm scene?

      I'm thinking Madara interprets the squeaking and gestures to take the bus downtown and Thor has to chase after said bus in a small motorcycle.

    3. WaterPulse


      Small for Thor, at least.

    4. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      that would be hilarious

      and luigi makes the big guy on a little bike joke

  11. The Banned Game

    banned because this chapo is the worst character in soldiers soul
  12. okay guys i'm back whats equestria daily??

  13. 14,000 likes wow never knew i'd be this popular

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Kongrats on that! Also, why would you doubt it?

    2. Light Blade

      Light Blade


      T W I L I E !


  14. i'm starting to really like final fantasy 12

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    2. WaterPulse


      I need to check out FF12 one of these days.

    3. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      I bought ff12 the zodiac age on ps4

      i'm enjoying it and I stocked up on plenty of potions

    4. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      trust me you'll go through a lot of potions