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  1. hey cat

    heres something to lift your spirits

  2. hey light

    1. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Hello, sleeping in isn't fun. I missed everything today.

    2. Nightshroud


      ahh that sucks I have a real simple healing spell for you


  3. out comes I put in magic
  4. the names jack apple jack
  5. itsa you Mario!
  6. heres a fun little healing spell I use

    items you need a glass of water

    blow on the water while visualizing a ring of light around the glass(or cup) picture the pain leaving

    and say this with this water no more pain let it wash away like the sudden rain.

    blow on the water again (yeah I know its a bit silly but it works)

    drink the water and there you go

  7. it falls between either 4 or 5 who's your favorite actor?
  8. I had two 1 girl 1 guy Lunamaria Hawke and Lockon stratos and I still have my crush on them
  9. fan club

    I thought sponge out of water was meh the superhero scenes are pretty entertaining but otherwise ehhh I present pac sponge
  10. my Saturday in a nutshell
  11. forum game

    ewww not that show the pony after me is Ganon
  12. may Gaia bless you all on this beautiful day.

    1. leonbrony17


      Thank you my friend.