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  1. yo jaspers whats up?

  2. good morning eqd may Gaia and the great spirit bless you all on this glorious day

  3. good morning chb I hope your day will be fantastic

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    2. Pain


      chb I know my day will a good day

    3. ChB


      How so, Pain? :) 

    4. Pain


      well everyday is a good day for me

      and the excitement of waiting for my Naruto cards to come in the mail


  4. okay the bye-bye man is one of the worst movies I've seen

    for 1 thing the bye-bye man isn't scary infact I could make that costume at a spirit of Halloween store or at Walmart during October

    2 its a stupid movie its trying to hard to be like a few other movies

  5. Image result for adorable rarity

    *dies of extreme raribear cuteness*

  6. You Can only talk with pictures

  7. I'm quite new.

    hello and blessed be may you enjoy your stay
  8. Hello Pain *waves hello*

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    2. Pain


      ahh I never played it

    3. AnalyticalGamer


      It is a free game on Steam, and it also is on a few consoles as well. Anyways, goodnight! :sleepy: 

    4. Pain


      sleep tight friend Gaia bless

  9. okay guys i'm back

    whoo boy

    I remember something really stupid raging fool did

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    2. Pain


      yeah why you think I moved in with Darklady? he visited

      i'm going to have to shop around for another rattle by the way this is my budget for online shopping at the moment


    3. WaterPulse


      It's the principle of the thing. It doesn't matter if the rattle cost five cents or five grand, he shouldn't be going around breaking stuff whenever someone disagrees with him.

    4. Pain


      exactly I miss little bird (the rattle)


  10. Caption This!

    welcome to your doom
  11. respect and forgiveness are not just handed out on a silver platter

    you have to earn the both of them

    sorry I had to ramble


    1. Anti-Villain


      Any specific reason(s) for said "rambling"?

    2. Pain


      nah there are times I feel like rambling

  12. okay grannies computer froze up so I had to reboot it

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    2. Pain


      yeah the internet still slow but that's not the computer's fault entirely

    3. WaterPulse


      Good to hear.

      I also like the name choice for the ancient form.

    4. Pain


      yeah remember i'm using an old computer

      this isn't a brand new model it is 5-7 years old so its bound to have a few problems