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  1. guys I thought of the perfect way for sega to bring nights for a while

    make a tcg/ccg for NiGHTS you know?

    I thought of 2 structure/trial decks for this already

    sweet dreams (nights)


    Nightmare's wrath (reala) 

    the gameplay should be like force of will's

    come on sega and sonic team



  2. hey uhh chb do you find the fact I post bout this character

    Image result for nights

    annoying? just curious (im hyped for getting nights into dreams)

  3. You Can only talk with pictures

  4. hello

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    2. Ryo Marufuji

      Ryo Marufuji

      oh yeah I posted my review

    3. Frécinette


      I saw it. So you're into retro gaming ?

    4. Ryo Marufuji

      Ryo Marufuji

      its an interest of mine

  5. Caption This!

    *rarity and rainbow dash arguing* Applejack: what have I gotten myself into
  6. You Can only talk with pictures

  7. The Vending Machine

    out comes (selph the scrapped nightmare) I put in a summoning ritual (lets face it sega will never bring this character into any future games of nights if any)
  8. You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    silly dash its not chirstmas yet
  10. Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    of course you get snuggles dashie *snuggles*
  11. hardest bosses

    another one for me has to be sephiroth from kingdom hearts 2 he'll make mince meat out of sora
  12. howdy thunder I got great news