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  1. well I guess I have to use dailymotion until youtube is back up

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    2. Spider


      well rusty badiche gets you rank up a little faster by setting from the deck

    3. WaterPulse


      Yeah. Still, it shouldn't be the only strategy. Hence, the other cards in the extra deck.

    4. Spider


      yeah dark requiem is more late game clean up then anything else

  2. okay is anyone else having trouble with youtube?

    I am I can't get nothing to pop up except for an error 500 meassge when I look up anything

  3. hey everybody whats up?

    my day has been relatively slow

    but other then that its been a pretty good day

    Gaia bless - Spider

  4. hello clark how have you been?

  5. okay I honestly do hope that kingdom hearts 3 is good

    and they don't try to pull any nonsense like locking half the game behind a pay wall

    or something of that nature

    or make the big final fight with Xehanort a boss/minion rush

    instead of actually fighting him

    1. Anti-Villain


      After Dream Drop Distance jumped the shark, I hope 3 can un-jump it.

    2. Spider


      hopefully yeah but lets wait and see what happens


  6. Spider

    The Banned Game

    banned for not telling me about the ogre invasion of dragon bane castle now I have to rebuild that castle from the ground up
  7. finally finished my Nordic deck

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    2. Spider


      exactly but he chooses to weigh it down with a bunch of filler

      and monsters that are to weak to even stay on the field for more then 1 turn

    3. Spider


      but if you want a decent earth deck heres a list of earth based archetypes in yugioh

      1. X sabers
      2. Geargia
      3. Machina
      4. Magnet warriors
      5. Gouki
      6. Ancient gear
      7. Gem Knight
      8. Scrap
      9. Zoodiac
      10. Traptrix
      11. Madolche
      12. Karakuri
      13. Qilphort

      those are 13 earth based archetypes in yugioh you can make a deck around

    4. WaterPulse
  8. heres the list for my phantom knight deck

    extra deck

    2 the phantom knights of rusty bardiche

    2 the phantom knights of break sword

    1 the phantom knights of cursed javelin

    2 leviair the sea dragon

    2 dante traveler of the burning abyss

    1 #8 heroic champion rhongomyniad

    2 dark rebellion xyz dragon

    2 evilswarm thanatos

    1 dark requiem xyz dragon


    3 the phantom knights of ancient cloak

    3 the phantom knights of silent boots

    3 the phantom knights of ragged gloves

    3 the phantom knights of cloven helm

    3 the phantom knights of frsgile armor

    2 kagemucha knight

    2 blue mountain butterspy

    1 effect veiler


    2 twin twisters

    2 dark hole

    1 the phantom knights' rank-up magic launch

    1 monster reborn

    1 foolish burial

    1 reinforcement of the army

    1 dark eruption


    2 the phantom knights of mist claws

    2 phantom knights fog blade

    2 phantom knights sword

    2 phantom knights wing

    2 phantom knights of shadow veil

    1 the phantom knights of shade brigandine

    1 the phantom knights of tomb shield

    1 the phantom knights of lost vambrace

    2 the phantom knights of wrong magnet ring

    that's all I run in phantom knights







    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Spider


      yeah but its an okay build to start out with

    3. WaterPulse
    4. Spider


      i think this build is decent

  9. good morning and blessed everybody

    Related image

    1. WaterPulse


      Blessed be you as well.

    2. Spider


      I finished phantom knights

      and have a build ready to test

      I haven't gotten to Nordics yet I have been busy all day today

      I only had enough time for 1 deck

      so do you want to see the list for my phantom knights build?

  10. but its no big deal only card I actually wanted out of the hero deck was dread decimator but hes extremely cheap on ebay so its no big deal at least I got the 2 best decks



    1. WaterPulse
    2. Spider


      but getting cheated is no good

      from now on I'll check and see in the car to make sure I got everything that i'm supposed to get in the box