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  1. Hey, Spider, how's it going?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. WaterPulse
    3. Spider


      but it seems like an easy way to get a high powered monster on board

      some times with a good effect to back it up

    4. Spider


      I remembered this one time I was playing star wars battle front 2 on the ps2

      with raging fool he kept trying to 360 no scope me so he gave away his hiding spot and he got mad because I won the match

  2. hi havocbyte how have you been?

    1. Havocbyte


      I'm happier than a kitten napping in the sun. 


      How are you doing tonight?


    2. Spider


      fighting off a cold and Nausea combo

  3. great last bloody thing I need today

    gotta go do yard work at the old house neither one of us me or Darklady is feeling good great

    lets go make ourselves feel worse oh yeah that's real good for our health and its bloody cold outside too

    oh joy

  4. okay i'm still not feeling good

  5. Good morning Spider

  6. howdy pulse

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    2. WaterPulse


      Dang, that's a lot of damage.

    3. Spider


      yeah it is like I said dread decimator is the best card for finishing your opponent off

      and combine that with trinity's multi attacking effect you have a way to get a large amount of damage on board

    4. WaterPulse


      Yeah, especially at the end game.

  7. when you have a bad day on top of a sick day


    1. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Feeling any better?

  8. Hi do you want to chat?

  9. Spider

    You Can only talk with pictures

  10. Spider


    granted but it crashes every 4 minutes I wish for the entire manga series of shaman king
  11. Hey Spider, who is your fave singer?

  12. WAZZUP!

    1. Spider


      well i'm still feeling like garbage due to my cold and nausea but other then that i'm doing okay you?

    2. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      I myself just recently recovered from sickness. Hope you get well soon.

      Anyhoots, have you seen Best Gift Ever?

  13. Spider


    hello and blessed be I hope you enjoy your stay
  14. okay guys I played a bit of Spirit of Sanada its far better then dynasty warriors 9

    yes this game does change up a few things but it keeps what made samurai warriors great while tweaking it to where its different enough from the rest of the series

  15. i'm sorry guys I still feel terrible

    nausea and a cold don't mix very well

    so i'm going to lay down for a while Gaia bless


    1. WaterPulse


      Get well soon.

    2. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Feel better soon Spider.:sadpie::sadtwi:

    3. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Hey Spider how you feeling?