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  1. one of the worst Mobile Suits in Gundam is the Aries from Gundam wing

    Image result for gundam wing aries

    ie this thing

    the reasons why are because the armor is thin and the structural integrity is weak

    so its incredibly easy to destroy this Mobile Suit

    yes i know its a Mobile suit meant for flight but you can get the same results from a Leo with a flight pack

    the weaponry are a machine gun and missiles which are okay for

    like attacks on battle ships but going against a Gundam yeah good luck with that

    only advantage the Aries has over the Leo with the flight pack is that it has much better range

    but at that point it'll be easier to just use a jet fighter

    which this thing is a glorified jet fighter

    let me know if you would like to see more of these types of updates where i talk about Gundam

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    2. Spider


      so what do you think of my rant on the Genoace?

    3. WaterPulse


      I liked it. Also, yeah, I looked at the same pic of Genoace I found and that gun it has is puny.

    4. Spider




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